Meet Isabel Skormin, one of our talented Content Specialists at Market My Market! Isabel excels in content writing and copywriting and is always bringing new and exciting ideas to the table in her work. She is based in the Orlando area and has a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Business from the University of Central Florida. Before coming to Market My Market, Isabel gained experience as a marketing intern at a bridal company in Florida.

For Isabel, every workday brings exciting new challenges as she learns more about the legal industry and applies her knowledge and skills. Her valuable experience, writing skills, and outstanding work ethic make her a valued member of the Market My Market team. When she’s not hard at work on content, you may find her traveling, reading, or playing with her Catahoula Leopard dog, Pebbles. 

Q&A with Isabel

What Motivates You to Get Up For Work Every Day?

“I love the fact that we get to work with so many different types of clients and we do get to learn something new every day. Growing up, I always really loved writing. It was a passion of mine. So, getting to write every day for my job is pretty cool.”

What Do You Find Most Challenging About Your Job?

“Definitely learning all of the legal jargon. As you know, we’re not lawyers, so it’s definitely difficult. But I do like the challenge of getting to familiarize myself with an industry that I didn’t necessarily see myself in. So being knowledgeable in it is a neat skill to have.”

What is Your Favorite Project You’ve Worked on at MMM?

“Since my background is in the bridal industry, I really liked working with one of our wedding venue clients. I love anything bridal and fashion related. They were a really cool client that worked with some Real Housewives and even the Kardashians at one point. It was a lot of fun to be able to do content and copy for them.”

Where Could We Find You on the Weekend?

“I really love exploring the area where I live. I love going into Winter Park and finding different shops and restaurants to try out. We love going to the farmers market, the dog park, and we travel a bunch. Since I’m a writer, I’m also a big reader. Other than that, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family and going shopping.”

If You Could Have an Unlimited Supply of One Thing, What Would It Be?

“Money. Then I could travel all that I want and buy my family and I super cool houses. I’d also spoil my dog way more than I already do.”

How Do You Wind Down After a Long Day?

“I have a puppy named Pebbles and she’s very active. So she and I like to go on really long walks together. We’ll usually go on a 30 minute walk around the areas we live. It’s nice just to get away from my computer and go outside, sometimes for the first time all day. We also enjoy being in the Florida sunshine, especially now that it’s cooler outside. That’s my favorite little nightly routine.”