Jordan Kimmel has loved writing and telling stories ever since he was a child. To further his passion for writing, he studied journalism in college and worked at the student newspaper, The Daily Free Press. Through subsequent internships at Sony Music in New York and Indigo Agriculture in Boston, he realized that content writing was his calling. Poetically, in the months just before he was to graduate college, the COVID-19 pandemic entered the scene. “It was a crazy time looking for and applying to jobs,” Jordan said. “The job market had all but dried up.” 

Throughout his search, Jordan eventually found Market My Market. “I was looking for a smaller company, and I wanted to work with a tight-knit team.” In addition to the company’s size, Market My Market’s clients also intrigued Jordan. “I had never worked with legal clients before, and I’m always looking for more opportunities to learn. Finding Market My Market was a really great opportunity.” 

Since joining the content team in September of 2020, Jordan has learned many new facets of content marketing, perhaps his favorite of which has been search engine optimization (SEO). “I had some background in SEO through internships at other marketing companies, but I’ve been able to learn so much more about how this applies to content writing, especially with help from Cory Coleman and Ryan Klein, who have both been instrumental in my success,” he said. The knowledge he now possesses in SEO helps when writing content. “I have a better idea how to implement keyword phrases, write headers, and otherwise structure content properly.” 

As a Content Contributor and Analyst, Jordan splits his time between writing content, reviewing in-house blogs and pages, and overseeing the freelance writing team. Jordan also develops content plans for clients, which involves analytical research to determine the optimal pages and blogs that will go on a client’s site and the priority that each piece of content should have based on search volume.

More than a year later, Jordan said Market My Market has been a perfect fit: “I was looking for a company that had a tightly-bound team of passionate writers, and that’s exactly what I found at Market My Market.” Jordan also added that he feels comfortable asking questions. He explains: “In larger companies, I feel that it’s harder to learn new things, but I’m always learning in this role and excited to see what’s around the corner.”