You know, when you really think about it, SEO may not really die, but it will certainly evolve into something else, or get absorbed completely.  To piggyback off of some of the stuff we were talking about in the blog entitled “Life After SEO“, there are really some interesting things to let sink in.  Is it inbound marketing?  Or was it the permission marketing we may have heard of for years already.  Perhaps pull marketing.  Any way you look at it,  ideally we want to market in a way where clients are coming to us in a qualified manner and we don’t have to arrange and construct huge marketing ploys to impersonally connect with as many people as once, as quickly as possible.

Somethings will never change – a sales-minded person, or charisma and the right amount of aggression, could work every time to sell products and services. But what game are we playing? SEO is so appealing because it brings the client to you (perhaps a way you got here!) and channels in a way where you can limit the amount of effort and time you have to go out and conduct business yourself, or spend capital on people that will do it on your behalf.  SEO for results and inbound marketing for appeal are so desirable because of the satisfaction of business coming your way as you set campaigns into motion and focus on other components of your work.

How will some the technicalities of SEO grow? What about a perfectly balanced meta title and description?  The meta keyword practically doesn’t exist anymore – what’s to say it won’t happen to the rest of meta information, eventual scheme, and other tech tags that may fall into obscurity.  Speculation is fun – we’ve been messing around with the notion of limiting websites to about 20-30 pages instead of monolithic megasites that cover everything.  Results so far?  Quite good.  How about webpages covering multiple locations?  Instead of service-oriented pages covering multiple geographies, we’re trying geo-oriented pages covering multiple services.  We like what we’re seeing.

Want to discuss some other SEO techniques that are evolving?  Reach out to us, we’d love to talk about it.  Need help with a website with slumping traffic?  We have you covered there too.