Free stuff is great, even when it is cheap.  Ever go to a convention and get a bag filled with sticky notes, pens, miniature  flashlights, glass coasters, T-shirts…you name it. At first you look at the bag and you think “Man, this is a bunch of stuff I’m not going to use” until you find yourself bringing it home and eventually using 80% of it (sorry, the flashlight didn’t make the cut).  That is simply free stuff, but what about something that provides a higher level of value?  Something where you actually say “This is really helpful to me for no cost”.

Here you have the freemium, which includes the word “premium” because of the higher level of utility it has.  Have you checked out our freemium on “Hiring an Internet Marketing Company” and some of the most important things to be wary of?  This is our industry knowledge going to anyone who wants it.  All legitimate, all information that we feel is important for any decision maker in the business.  This is what will make your own freemium work.

So what are some qualities that a freemium has that other areas of content may not?

  • -To start, you can create a freemium that introduces people to your industry and answers many of the basic questions regarding your products and/or services.  For example, if -you are a bakery, why not create something like “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Baking” or “Our Top 5 Favorite Simple and Delicious Baking Recipes”.
  • -Writing is with quite a bit of passion.  Remember this is your industry, you love what you do (really!), and you love talking about it.  The writing makes readers EXCITED about what you do and what you know because you ARE excited to be a part of that business.
  • -Information has to be sincere and accurate.  Try not to withhold information in a freemium because the purpose of it is to be a premium piece of information that someone would share with a friend or a family member.
  • -Our Personality in Content summed up many areas of content, but nothing about freemiums.  This content can let your personality shine, but avoid anything topical.  Remember this is strictly the cream of the crop of information that you’re providing here.  Think of  a freemium being capable of getting someone to print it out, bind it together, and keep it as a reference indefinitely.

Keep in mind, freemium can apply to many different things, not just a guide, tutorial, how-to etc..  Freemiums can be a video collection, or even a book.  It is something truly above and beyond that you believe someone will find the utmost utility from.  In the next blog, we’ll talk about good practices for making them  and how they’re effectively distributed.