Though personality kind of speaks for style, you can get more in-depth with this topic.  Basically, the content you have on your site is going to be completely up to you, but your personality is going to have a different effect on what you’re trying to get across to your visitor.

To start, your blog is typically going to be the place where your personality will come out the most.  It can be your place to vent, your place to talk politics, to comment on social trends, to bash your competitors for unethical business practices.  Depending on what audience you’re targeting, you may repulse some people while drawing in others.  It depends how much a bias and/or opinion comes through here.  Another place where your personality can shine is when talking in an “About Us” section, or describing your business on your home page.  This is an opportunity for visitors to get an idea of the culture behind the website and start understanding the business mission and values.  Don’t think that your personality has to stop on your website – this is probably one of the biggest driving forces behind any social campaign you want to see succeed.

So where should you probably hold back a little?  Typically, articles, white papers, press releases, case studies, and pages explaining your core services/products don’t have to be as vibrant as the previous content mediums.  However, this doesn’t mean they can be bland and lifeless.  Instead of personality, these content options make up for it with truly interesting and engaging copy.  This is not only more appropriate, but once a visitor has seen your personality come through on the home page, but then you know what you’re talking about in your copy on the next page, it makes a good combination for them picking up the phone and giving you a call.

Have fun with your writing and your content.  Remember, you’re excited about your product/service!  You want people to know that too and why yours is better than your competition.  When you’re able to create a balance of personality and quality content on your website, you’re eventually going to see more favorable results with the traffic you’re getting.

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