Two months ago, I started a new adventure when I landed a position as a Content Writer with Market My Market. From my interviews to my first couple of days with the team, I knew right away that this was going to be a good fit.

I graduated with a degree in marketing and have had my nose stuck in a book since I was young. In the past, I’ve done marketing for a lot of different businesses, including entertainment, hospitality, and legal. Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine, so combining the two, marketing + writing, in the work I do every day is nothing short of a dream.  

I learned quickly that our team is a tight-knit one that collaborates daily to create material for our clients, many of which are in the legal field with others specializing in diverse commercial areas. I’ve enjoyed learning about each one. During my first week, my Content Lead, Editor, and I went through each of our clients and discussed their styles, preferences, and needs. As I’ve grown in my role, I’ve been able to further that connection, understanding what content speaks most to their audiences. 

My role involves much more than writing, however. Part of my responsibility is to understand the latest developments in digital marketing, SEO, and social media. Our goal as a team is to write highly effective content that moves the reader into action. Staying on top of what’s trending and changing in our industry makes me better at my craft. It also ensures that the content we write for clients is in-tune with what’s trending and what people are searching for. 

One way I stay current is through podcasts. I love listening to podcasts while driving on the road to and from work. I try to take quick walks in-between projects to get the blood flowing a bit and catch up on the latest – or listen to something upbeat or travel-oriented, depending on my mood.

Outside of research and writing, I create and manage social media for a handful of our clients. Keeping their social platforms active with valuable and engaging content is more fun for me than it is work. Brainstorming and creating social media posts allows me to understand our clients better because I learn about their background, mission, and services. I work together with both our clients and Director of Client Experience to strategize social media content, so it reflects our clients’ brands and personalities – and ultimately helps their businesses grow.

How SEO and Social Media Come Together

Content and social media are the areas of digital marketing that I focus on most. But SEO is what these content and social strategies ultimately enhance. I’ve learned that by combining the following three actions: 

  • Publishing quality and consistently high standard content
  • Posting on social media consistently
  • Optimizing websites for high search engine rankings 

… in-turn maximizes traffic to that website – which maximizes the number of opportunities to create new customers and generate leads. 

In a short time, I’ve seen the impact of our team’s synergy demonstrated through the results we’ve achieved for our clients. Without that communication between our leadership, client experience, SEO, and content experts – those results wouldn’t be possible. 

I’ve learned a lot in my short time at Market My Market. I’m proud to be a part of this capable marketing team under the leadership of our managing partners. 

I genuinely enjoy the work I do every day and being a part of this team that works in harmony to create a final product. We’re big on communication here. And I think that collective culture shines through the content that we produce. I take pride in the work that I do, and it’s clear to me that everyone on the MMM team does too. I’m excited to continue growing and contributing to both our company culture and our clients.