In a world where you can now buy a (dot) basically anything (we’re looking at you .ninja) it may seem like we have a chance to really brand ourselves in any way imaginable.  I’ve spoken to plenty of people about the prospect of buying domains like .marketing and .lawyer and just about everything in between, but there’s a huge gap between what “looks cool” and what is really practical.

Every single time you buy a domain that has never been anything in its previous life, you are basically constructing upon online property that has never had the land below it tilled before.  That means no aging, no links, no trust….NOTHING.  You are going to be working hard for quite some time (from a digital marketing/SEO standpoint) to ensure that search engines like Google come by that domain, give it a pat on the back, and say “Welcome!  We hope you find ranking for what you want both an exciting and painstaking experience!”

This is where our topic comes into play – shopping for a great domain.  And we’re not saying a great domain is just an aesthetic standpoint…really by any means.  We’re saying a great domain is more often that piece of land online that has been aged and recognized already for some time.

If you’re a business owner, there’s a possibility you’ve been called by a “domain broker” telling you they have an AMAZING domain with “all the keywords that Google likes” in it already.  For example, you own a bakery in New York City.

Domain Broker:  “This domain is available for only $500 dollars!”…which you’d proceed to say is crap…or
Domain Broker:  “This domain is available for only $500 dollars!”…which you’d proceed to say might be close but you don’t know about those .nets as much…or
Domain Broker:  “This domain is available for only $500 dollars!”…which you’d possibly strongly consider because you’re like ‘wow isn’t that an excellent domain I may be lucky to get something like that…’

But what you may not really realize is the truth in the intrinsic value of domains to SEO: what they were in the past.  This sounds odd, but this is what we’ll be looking at more closely.

Your may look pretty but if it is only 6 weeks old, you’re looking at a lot of work.  Maybe newyorkbakery isn’t as succinct but if it is 10 years, 6 months old and has had previous websites on top of it in the past, you could be looking at a gold mine.  If you have time, familiarize yourself with concepts such as citation flow, trust flow, page authority, and domain authority.  They are all important when understanding what potential underlying value domains have.

GoDaddy has auctions for domains and many are based off these facts.  Surely domains with great names such as or have value in their names alone, but coupled with authority, backlinks, and age, they can become exponentially more valuable.

In summary, sometimes it isn’t a bad idea to find a domain that has already “matured” from previous experiences.  Need help finding one? Why not contact us today and see what we can do for you!