Lauren Dominguez, Content Lead

2020 was a challenging, tumultuous time for all of us. In 2020, I moved to Portland right when the pandemic was starting a domino effect of changes to our everyday lives. At Market My Market, we stayed the course, not sure of exactly what to expect as far as demand for our unique digital marketing services. As businesses were shutting down or drastically reducing hours and staff all over the country, our clients showed resilience in the face of adversity. To our surprise, many flourished. As the year continued, I realized just how vital content marketing is to a business’s success, and how important it is to keep up with a solid marketing plan instead of calling it quits for the sake of budget cuts.

Throughout the year, I grew in my position as the Content Lead here at Market My Market. I developed new skills and processes for strengthening our team of creative, talented, and dedicated content creators. I helped our team grow by training new members and watched them blossom into active participants in our clients’ success. As the sun rises on the horizon of 2021, I look forward to continuing to grow in my leadership role, mentoring new members of our content crew, and taking our talents to the next level. We have big plans to look forward to here at Market My Market!

Jordan Kimmel, Content Creator & Analyst

This past year has presented the global population with a wave of turmoil, emotion, and adjustment. As such, from a personal standpoint, 2020 has provided me with many new opportunities from which to grow, adapt, and learn. Since joining Market My Market in the fall, I’ve experienced many firsts, the most significant of which has been a conversion from journalistic writing—which had been my foundation for many years—to content writing. I’ve taken a deep dive into this type of composition and have adapted to what is a slightly different set of rules that govern these types of projects. This skill not only involves a new writing style but also requires outside research in order to write with search engine optimization in mind. 

Another first has been learning to write for law firms. Previously, I had very little experience with this type of work, but I was given the chance to study and execute content for these clients. The most important skill set that I’ve gleaned from writing for law firms has been translating what is often confusing and dense legal jargon into something readable and digestible for the reader. As I enter a new year, I’m excited to continue to learn and develop in this industry. This growth will likely take many forms, from writing for a variety of new clients to gaining additional SEO knowledge that can be applied to the content that I write. I’m excited for what the future holds!

Gina Ritch, Social Media Coordinator & Content Creator

The chaos throughout the year put a lot of things into perspective. Most importantly that life is short, time is precious, and where you choose to spend that time makes all the difference. In terms of content creation, that meant concentrating on the things that made the most impact on our clients’ success. Through closures, modified services, and postponed events, how could I help our clients connect and communicate with their targeted customers in a way that helps their businesses thrive through this unprecedented change?

In my position, that meant capitalizing on social media and content that focused on serving our clients’ customers’ core needs. Keeping them up-to-date on what’s changed, stayed the same, and what to expect in the future was paramount. In the end, I think flexibility and focus on how to make the most significant impact led to a successful year for our company and our clients. I’m looking forward to 2021 and continuing that success while furthering my copywriting and SEO expertise along the way.

Amanda Guglietta, Content Creator

For most, 2020 was a time of change. Looking back, there are many things we all want to forget. However, there is one thing we should all remember and that’s to reflect on what we’ve learned. Here’s what this year has taught me. 

Never stop learning. There is so much in this world that you’ve yet to discover. Having a “plan” is great, but don’t restrict yourself to it. Be open to new possibilities, expand your comfort zone, and find activities that stimulate your mind. For me, writing was a task I always loved to do. Market My Market took a chance on me, and because of that, we’ve been able to reach incredible milestones— both individually and collectively. What’s more, I’ve unleashed this greatness, my voice, that’s been concealed for far too long. 

As I release 2020 with appreciation and move into 2021 with curiosity, I want to take my writing skills to the next level, build mutually beneficial relationships with my co-workers and clients, and take on new responsibilities. In general, I intend to live with more meaning and purpose in all areas of my professional, personal, and social life. 

Tyler McNulty, Content Creator

I learned a lot about being a Content Marketer since joining Market My Market in 2020. I’m accustomed to writing articles for newspapers and magazines, so transitioning to blog topics for law firms and other professionals was a challenge at first. Blog writing is very different from journalistic writing, but as the months passed, I found my footing and felt more confident in writing high-quality, engaging pieces for our clients. 

In 2021, I’m excited to continue to grow professionally within the company. I’m looking forward to learning more SEO techniques I can use to create content that produces more results. Overall, I hope to be a valuable asset to the team by sharpening my writing skills and pitching unique content that will drive qualified traffic to our clients’ websites. 

Jessica Unkel, Content Creator

Jessica Unkel, Content CreatorHaving recently gotten situated in Market My Market during the tail-end of 2020, my time so far has been focused on learning how to produce engaging content that provides genuine value to the reader. Writing for a variety of businesses has allowed me to see the way each company approaches its unique customer base, and my understanding of professional content marketing has grown significantly as a result. 

After taking a deeper dive into the finer points of SEO, I felt confident that my knowledge would allow me to improve the quality of my content overall. I discovered that I still had more to learn about successful backlinking and the advanced side of SEO. The technical aspect of content marketing is just as important as the creative side and, when they work together, they can make magic.

This month alone, I have researched and written thousands of words for over a dozen unique companies, and the process of doing so allowed me to learn more about myself as a professional writer and content marketer. As the new year continues, I look forward to improving my capabilities, learning new ways to approach content, and creating a quality product for our clients.