Online reviews continue to be a substantial facet of any digital marketing campaign for both e-commerce and the service industry. Not only is the social validation a go to for the average consumer, but search engines such as Google cannot avoid making legitimate reviews a mainstay of facets of its algorithm. Lawyers are among the most scrutinized for their reviews across social platforms due to the weight of legal situations and potential legal fees.

Though we’ve strongly encouraged having a plan in place for requesting reviews via email and SMS (both still strong options, especially on the SMS side), we can’t always get in front of people only using two methods. We don’t market our businesses only using two methods of advertising, so review generation efforts should be no different.

With methods like calling to ask for reviews, offering a percentage off legal fees (only admissible in some states), QR code postcards, community events, and requesting reviews placed on non-Google platforms to be featured on Google, your law firm can continue to compete in the highly competitive legal landscape.

How to Bring in More Reviews to Your Google Listings

While email and SMS automations should be the cornerstone of any review outreach and generation campaign, here are five more strategies to capture a wider client base and hopefully expedite your results:

Calling to Ask for the Review

While automated text and email follow-ups are an ideal way to encourage clients to leave a five-star Google review, sometimes picking up the phone and asking for a review directly is the best way to get through to them. Doing this shows your dedication and gives you an opportunity to explain how to leave a review and provide them with a direct link to make the process even easier for your clients. You may even get some more interesting, helpful feedback from your client experience through having a quick follow-up chat with a former client.

Providing a Percentage Off Legal Fees

In states like California and New York, law firms can offer clients a discount on their legal fees. This may encourage them to leave a positive review on your Google listing. Asking customers to leave a review at the right time is an essential part of the process, so providing this percentage off leaves your clients in a good place to give your firm five stars.

Consult with your State Bar Association (and, more specifically, the advertising and ethics department) to inquire about eligibility for your firm.

Mailing QR Code Postcards

QR codes have become a popular way to access websites, taking customers and clients directly to a link. This can be an effective way to encourage customers to leave a five-star review and make the process easy for them, especially if emailing, texting, and calling have yet to be successful. Tools like Zappy Cards allow your clients to leave a review with a quick tap, saving them time and effort. Most people are familiar and comfortable with QR codes at this point, which has always been especially interesting to me considering their slow start; QR codes were, interestingly enough, invented 30 years ago.

Garnering Reviews from Community Events

Hosting events allows you to connect with your community and generate positive reviews. Types of events you can hold to garner reviews include the following:

  • In-person focus groups
  • Charity events
  • Sponsorships
  • Local seminars

While reaching out virtually via email, text, and phone can be a great way to ask your clients to leave reviews, meeting them in person by hosting community events can develop a stronger connection. They also create an opportunity for securing reviews through QR codes and conversation.

Requesting to Have Reviews Replicated from Other Platforms

Customers can leave reviews in several places, including Facebook, Avvo, BBB, and more. These reviews would be even more valuable to your law firm if they were replicated on Google reviews. You can request those who left these reviews to use their existing Gmail account or set up a new one to provide their review on the most important platform.

Improve Your Law Firm’s Online Presence and Reputation With Market My Market

With more and more people using Google reviews to make their decisions about businesses, having and generating five-star Google reviews is crucial to maintaining a good reputation and building trust with potential clients. At Market My Market, we optimize your online presence by helping you generate more positive reviews, reach out to past clients, and develop effective marketing strategies. Our in-house SEO team understands the importance of these reviews and uses them to increase your digital visibility and local SEO rankings.

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