When performing our monthly analysis of campaign performance, we noticed that one client experienced a drop in first-time calls both compared to the previous month and to the same month of the previous year. Though such a decrease in performance can at first glance appear unsettling, it immediately became clear that the decrease in calls was a misleading consequence of the removal of the Google Business Profile tracking number, a process implemented for the majority of our clients during January of this year. 

When looking at data that hasn’t been skewed by superficial tracking alterations, we found that this client’s calls had actually increased from where they stood during the previous month. Year over year, however, there was a major influx in organic search calls compared to February. In order to get to the root of the issue for our client and get campaign performance back to where it should be, we took a deeper look into the Google Analytics data to identify pages and posts seeing the largest drops in Goal Conversions, whether they be click-to-call or form submissions. Then, we began to make updates accordingly to improve organic call volume moving forward. 

In the end, we notified our client that their form submissions had increased by 17% from the previous month, their keyword rankings remained strong, and we had a concise and effective plan of action to get the campaign back on track.