Fighter Law

Orlando, FL


Increase Organic Traffic

& Online Brand Visibility

Fighter Law Experiences Long-Term Growth in Leads & Brand Reputation with Marketing Campaign


  • lncrease the numЬer of qualified leads by driving quality traffic
  • Maximize Google Maps visibllity
  • Convert more users оп map searches by building а stronger reputation through positive review generation
  • Position site as а stronger authority in the industry by building out more content

Fighter Law Nearly Doubled Their Organic Traffic Through a Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Results & Metrics:


In total web sessions


More phone calls


More calls from Google My Business


Increase in traffic from Google

Game Plan:

SEO & Link-Building, Remarketing, Ad Campaign, Review Curation

  • lmplement an effective blogging strategy to expand site architecture and increase organic brand awareness
  • Reoptimize/ldentify SEO gaps оп pages with highest conversion rates
  • Audit existing citations, and build over a hundred new online business profiles/legal directory listings
  • Conduct competitor analysis to expose areas that need improvement

Why it


Content is King

The phrase ``content is king`` has almost become a cliche in the digital marketing industry. However, even after numerous algorithm updates and changes, content remains the most important factor in ranking pages.

Proper Onsite-Optimization

On-site optimization involves the use of headings, internal links, external links, alt tags, titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and more in order to make a website more easily readable and understandable to search engines. Using the right mix of on-site and offsite optimization is key to good SEO.

Online Reputation Matters

ln the business world, reputation is everything. Especially online, where people have easy access to reviews and complaints about your business. lgnoring your reviews can be detrimental to your success, while actively improving your rating will incentivize potential customers to convert.