Joshua Schwadron is the Founder and CEO of Mighty, a personal injury company that provides software to personal injury law firms. Schwadron is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and public speaker.

He is the former Founder and CEO of Betterfly (acquired by Microsoft via Takelessons), a service provider marketplace, and regularly speaks and writes on civil justice including educating consumers on what to look for when considering the hiring of a billboard personal injury law firm.

Mighty is a team of social workers, lawyers, data scientists, engineers, and more on a mission to build a better way to help people after an accident. Mighty challenges the shady behavior of personal injury lawyers by providing a source for millions of Americans with a holistic approach.

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On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • What is Mighty & How Does It Work?
  • Why Personal Injury?
  • The Reasons for Taking an Anti-Billboard Lawyer Stance
  • How Mighty Law Came into Fruition
  • The Process of Undergoing a Company-Wide Revamp
  • How Mighty Benefits Large & Small Law Firms