Jim Sullivan is the Founder of eDiscovery AI and author of the new book The Book on AI Doc Review: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Use of AI in eDiscovery.

With over a decade of experience consulting on predictive coding and analytics use, Jim has a passion for analytics and calculates recall and precision metrics in his sleep. His life is a non-stop adventure of trying to find better ways to solve problems.

eDiscovery AI has created a new predictive coding tool powered by next-generation AI that can make expensive manual document review a thing of the past. This new AI is faster and more accurate than traditional predictive coding or contract attorney review and no longer requires the tedious training process that has always been necessary for traditional predictive coding tools.

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On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • How Next-generation AI is Transforming Document Review
  • Overcoming AI Adoption Hurdles
  • How AI Can Help Small Businesses Compete with Larger Firms
  • The Future of AI in the Legal Sector