Ryan Saba is a Partner and Trial Lawyer at Rosen Saba, LLP.

As a civil trial and litigation attorney, Ryan’s practice consists of prosecuting and defending individual, class action and mass action claims. He has considerable experience in a wide range of federal and state civil litigation and trial matters, including consumer litigation, employment litigation, women’s rights, complex business and entertainment disputes, catastrophic injury claims, professional responsibility, copyright/trademark, civil rights, maritime, and municipal, landowner and product liability.

Rosen Saba, LLP is committed to providing all of its clients high quality, cost-effective and practical legal services. They passionately and ethically prosecute or defend every client’s interest with integrity, diligence and creativity.

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On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Navigating High-Stakes Litigation
  • Key Factors in Determining Settlement Value
  • The Importance of Strategic Partnerships
  • How to Hire as a Law Firm Grows