The holiday season is the busiest time for most businesses, and this means many of your largest advertising pushes happen toward the end of the year. The results of this holiday season may affect how your business is positioned for the next year. When advertising on any platform, you’re already aware that you have to deal with your competitors blasting their deals at your potential customers. On Facebook, you also have to compete with a user’s feed that includes friends’ posts, photos, news updates, and Buzzfeed quizzes. How do you design a Facebook ad that catches the eye and isn’t just another discount in an ocean of deals?

Making Discounts Unique

It’s not enough anymore to say that a product you’re selling is 15% off on a Facebook ad. Online sales feel like they’re happening all the time, and you end up presenting a number instead of an argument. Customers are more inclined to take action when they feel emotionally moved by an advertisement. Encouraging action is why the Fear of Missing Out – commonly referred to as FOMO – can be so effective. For the holidays, positivity takes priority, and special discounts on holiday curated items can tug the heartstrings you need. They can help make people’s lives simpler by offering an easy stocking stuffer for a family member or close friend.

The discounts for your Facebook ads don’t have to be overtly holiday-specific. A sale on a product or service that stands out from the crowd can be effective without alluding to the holiday season. If you have a unique item in stock, put that item up for promotion to catch the eyes of browsing mobile users. Even if the person doesn’t want to buy that specific item, it can stay in the back of his mind and get the conversation started about your business.

One last tactic for making a discount unique is by helping a potential customer feel good about buying something. You can reduce buyer’s remorse with an event like a charity drive. John was going to purchase a jersey for himself either way, why not send one dollar to a charity? Reward programs can also be a good way to encourage customers to feel like their purchase is working towards something larger.

Exclusive Content

Not every Facebook ad has to be a sale. Content can be a good way to separate your ad from the other deals online. An example of exclusive content can be holiday themed newsletters or blog posts to help customers with their gift shopping. If you are a bigger company that focuses on longer, trust-building sales cycles then an e-book that prepares potential customers or clients for the upcoming year is a good option.

If you want to take customer participation to the next step, then you can use your Facebook ads to promote a business contest or event. Create a sign-up sheet or raffle for a gift card giveaway or access to a valuable product. A holiday event where potential customers visit your space to participate in a talk, charity drive or concert can be an easy way to get people to learn about what you have to offer and tell their friends about it.

If you’ve spent time with Facebook ads, then you already know many of the pros and cons associated with them. The reality is the majority of your ads are in front of users that are not going to the app planning to buy something. You want to catch their attention by considering what the holidays mean to them, and what their incentives are for choosing you as the business they’ll buy from instead of your competitor. Trying to find a digital marketing push for the holidays and 2017? Contact us today for a consultation.