As a business owner or brand developer, you’re aware of the need to optimize your digital presence. This may push you to pursue digital marketing independently or through the services of an established firm. In either instance, you’ll be presented with many decisions including settling on a social media strategy and whether to pursue organic or paid marketing.

If you’re ready to buckle down and watch your brand grow over time, organic search engine optimization (SEO) is best for you. However, if time is of the essence and you have the means to invest in your digital marketing campaign, paid search engine marketing (SEM) could be highly beneficial.

The Difference Between Display Ads and PPC

The realm of paid advertising is complex and requires expert knowledge. A paid marketing strategist can present options that you could either choose from or pursue simultaneously. These include pay per click (PPC) and display advertisements. Both ventures are efficient means of getting your brand on the screens of targeted consumers, but display advertising is said to have a slight edge.

Display ads appear in the form of graphics while PPC ads appear as text. PPC ads pop up as the first and last three or four results on a search engine results page (SERP). Display ads, conversely, are presented on web pages as a banner, sidebar, and midpage images. The most considerable difference between the two is that PPC ads show up while searching and display ads show up while surfing.

Advantages of Display Ads

With the differences made evident, you may be wondering what gives display advertising the edge as both effectively reach target audiences. Here are just a few reasons why display ads are the preferred option for many businesses:

Aesthetic Appeal

For starters, display ads have an aesthetic appeal. While SEM ads can only be text and are limited to a set number of characters, display ads give you creative freedom. You can design your ad to be graphics, a photo, or video to captivate the fleeting attention of the masses. By being able to showcase the originality of your brand through your ad, you allow consumers to connect with it on another level that you can’t with a regular SEM ad. 


Display ads are drastically cheaper than PPC ads. The reason being is due to where the ads appear. When bidding on a PPC ad, real estate is limited as you and all other competitors are fighting to appear on the same SERP for a specific search query. With display ads, however, you’re bidding to show up on actual web pages related to your service. Being that there are millions of possible pages for your display ads to appear on, the bidding is cheaper.

Promotes Brand Awareness

With a display ad being an image and not text, you have the opportunity to plaster your logo, slogan, and any other brand-specific content to your advertisement. Even if browsers don’t click the ad, the image resonates with them and the next time they see it, they’re somewhat familiar with the brand. Studies show that 71% of consumers are more likely to invest in a product or service they’re familiar with which is what makes display advertising so advantageous.

Need Help With Your PPC Campaigns?

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