Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Tanner Mowery, Kelly Quintana, Lindsay Bennett, and Jordan Kimmel

Constantly generating blog topics can feel depleting, especially if you’ve been writing for a long time. There’s a certain pressure to remain on top of every trending topic while simultaneously producing new and original content. If your brain is starting to feel like mush and you’re in need of new blog topics, it’s time to consider what’s known as “mind mapping.” 

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Contributed by Tanner Mowery, Content Writer

What Is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a tool used in content writing that helps writers organize their ideas and thoughts visually. The technique involves creating a diagram that connects various concepts, keywords, and ideas using branches, sub-branches, and nodes. The main idea or topic is placed at the center of the map, with related ideas branching out from it. Mind maps are useful for writers as they allow for free-flowing brainstorming and can help to reveal connections and relationships between ideas that may not have been initially obvious.

Mind mapping can be particularly helpful when starting a new writing project as it can provide a structure for the content and ensure that all the necessary points are covered. It can also help writers overcome writer’s block and generate new ideas. Additionally, mind maps can serve as a reference point throughout the writing process, as writers can add or modify their ideas as they go along.

Contributed by Kelly Quintana, Content Writer

How Mind Mapping Can Generate Trending Blog Topics – Lindsay

If you’ve ever created content, you’ve likely run up against a wall from time to time when trying to come up with unique and engaging blog topics. Fortunately, mind mapping offers two different methods to help you push past this creative block to generate compelling and trending topics to engage your audience. The more unique your topic is, the more likely it is to trend since it’s difficult to add new ideas to the conversation with well-covered topics. Check out our techniques below to take your blog topic generation to the next level:

The Idea Technique

“The idea technique” is ideal if you are looking to narrow down a topic from a broad central theme. For example, if you are looking for a blog topic about car accidents, you can place “car accidents” as the central idea of your mind map. From there, you can branch out to several subtopics such as rear-end accidents, t-bone accidents, and multi-car pile-ups. After these subsections are established, you can dig even deeper to expand on your topic. Ask yourself what you would like to know more about in a specific subtopic to create interesting new ideas. You may ask: What happens if you are rear-ended by a city vehicle? Or: Who is at fault in a multi-car accident caused by an underage drunk driver? The possibilities are endless. 

The Existing-Title Technique

This method allows you to expand upon an already high-performing blog topic to generate unique but related ideas your audience may enjoy. For instance, if one of your highest performing blogs is titled “What to Do After a Car Accident,” you can place this topic in the center of your mind map and brainstorm different related topics such as: What to do after a car accident with a family member? Or: What steps should I take after being injured by a student driver? Expanding on your existing idea can help you reach your readers and generate ideas relevant to their interests.

Contributed by Lindsay Bennett, Content Writer

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Contributed by Jordan Kimmel, Content Lead