Marketing for

Personal Injury Lawyers

Similar to most lawyers choosing not to practice numerous areas of law professionally, you wouldn’t expect your digital marketing agency to have expertise in dozens of industries. To set your firm apart in the legal space, your marketing agency’s team needs to be composed of legal marketing experts. But is that enough?

Personal Injury law is unique to the legal marketing landscape due to the numerous opportunities to select which specific areas to market to target your perfect client. The legal digital marketing agency at MMM understand how to use this to their advantage. We assess how to present your distinct practice areas to potential clients with a sense of urgency, authoritative copy, and effective relationship-building while understanding the value versus cost of quality lead generation. 

Personal Injury isn’t the same as every other practice area. The few following points need to be acknowledged and considered in not only your marketing strategy but also in how you create effective content strategies and copy:

  • Creating a balance between compelling copy and a sense of urgency to position you as an authority and guide to your client’s unique situation 
  • A comprehensive and aggressive content strategy and SEO campaign, resulting in quality lead generation, higher search engine rankings, and heightened Thought Leadership
  • Understanding the level of competition and encompassing relevant practice areas. For example, with various Personal Injury practice areas to market, selecting Geo-specific locations and specialties will save time and resources while staying ahead of the competition  

Considerations like these are made specifically for this area of law, among many other factors, which both stem from industry experience and the former in-house experience of the MMM team. 



Marketing Services

Proven Law Firm Marketing Plans for Personal Injury Attorneys. Transparent SEO, Content, Social Media and Paid Search. Unparalleled Client Experience.

Creative Services

Websites and Video Production That Converts. We Create High Quality Content Using Cutting Edge Tactics & Techniques To Turn Website Visitors into Customers.


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Do you know what your legal marketing agency is doing for you on a daily basis? When working with Market My Market, you'll know what we are working on every day and why. We pride ourselves in transparency. It is a core value here at Market My Market.

Real Time Reporting

We track calls, leads and traffic in real time. We create a customized dashboard that is specific to what makes sense for your law firm's goals. We also provide month over month expert analysis on all pertinent metrics.


Since we specialize in digital marketing for law firms, we have a strong pulse on what is working and what isn't especially in the legal industry.

30-60-90 Day Plans

No two legal practices are the same, each firm has its unique qualities. Staff, offered services, practice areas, goals, budget and geographies are all things we take into consideration when creating your individual marketing plan. We create a customized plan for every law office we work with. When you work with Market My Market you'll know the marketing plan for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.






Are you attracting clients that pay the bills? Do you understand what you are paying for each month? Transparency, great communication, and excellent customer service are things you’ll experience when working with the law firm marketing professionals at Market My Market.

We are a team that has your back. We meet weekly via Zoom, offer real-time reporting, and provide month-over-month analysis with action.

We don’t waste time learning and testing the correct marketing strategies for your practice. We already know what works based on proven success with other similar practices.

Market My Market will help your firm become and stay competitive.