We all know how valuable content is to a business’s website. Content keeps visitors engaged and ensures they stay on your site. However, there’s another essential aspect to keeping browsers on your website: web design. Many companies may not understand how significant the user experience is to potential customers. User experience (UX) encompasses a person’s full scope of sensory responses while using a certain product. It captures how they observe, encounter, or work through the product. In this case, the product would be your website. There are quite a few aspects of UX to take into consideration to provide potential customers with a satisfactory experience. Here is why user experience is important for your business.


Sales through your website largely depend on customer satisfaction. Digital interactions need to provide positive customer service in the same way as a physical business. Questions you need to ask yourself while implementing UX into your website are:

  • Are my primary products or services easily accessible?
  • Does my site provide my location and contact information?
  • Is the first thing a visitor sees welcoming?
  • Is my menu simple to navigate?
  • Does my site answer frequently asked questions?

Answering these questions as you build or update your website will contribute to a positive user experience for your audience.

Staying Power

Marketing tools that measure the bounce rate and average time spent on your site can provide new insight about user activity. Specific pages on your site may include wording or a particular layout that attracts visitors and continuously engages them. By honing in on these pages, the other sections of your site can also cause visitors to stick around. Google offers marketing tools to track the bounce rate and average time spent, and there are other third-party tools available.


User experience equals your success. You could hire the Picasso of web design, but without excellent UX, visitors will think it looks pretty but quickly move on to another site. Your website is a potential customer’s first impression. In most cases, visitors decide on whether or not to stay on a website just seconds after their first viewing. If they don’t see crucial information after your site loads, they’ll be swayed elsewhere.

By taking user experience into account, you along with a savvy web designer can create a truly magical experience for potential customers and clients. If you’re looking to implement UX into your website, we’ve got you covered. At Market My Market, we’ve built and designed multiple sites while taking user experience into account. Contact us to receive a free quote for web design. UX equals your success, and your success is our business!