When we created “10 Types of Content You Could Execute Right Now”, we went over the different forms of content that exist on every legal website. As a quick recap, they are as follows:

  • Granular Service/Practice Area Pages
  • Case Results and Overviews
  • FAQ Pages
  • Geo-Specific Pages
  • Transcribed Content from Podcasts, Videos, Interviews etc.
  • Long-Form Articles (this is standing out as the definitive way of rankings for some stellar keywords)
  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Long-Tail Keyword Blogs
  • Checklists and Tutorials
  • E-Books

If you had the time and resources, there’d be no doubt you’d have more qualified website traffic and visibility when executed. But what are some ways you can approach the content so it’s executed properly? In this article, we’re going to dive into just that.

Being an Authority on Subject Matter

5 Approaches to Creating Content That Result in Explosive Quality Traffic

If you want to cover an extensive topic, be the authority on that topic. The world doesn’t need another guide on “What to Do After a Car Accident” or “How to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your License after a DUI”. If anything, they need the definitive guide, and if you’re going to create the end all be all, you’re going to have to include the following:

  • Real-life anecdotes
  • Data-driven analysis and statistics
  • Infographics, videos, and other engaging forms of content
  • FAQs, and at least a dozen
  • Information cited and pulled in from reputable sources, such as .gov, .edu, and .org websites

If you want to have an authoritative guide or overview on subject matter, you have to be the authority by housing all of this helpful information in one place.

Being Timely with the Content You Create

5 Approaches to Creating Content That Result in Explosive Quality Traffic

When you place originating content on your website about a specific topic, Google acknowledges this in the index and puts a tremendous amount of weight on it. It allows smaller websites with less authority from an SEO standpoint to compete with much larger websites that are later to the game with contributions of their own to the topic. It’s one of the few steps Google takes to level the playing field for those who are quicker to generate content on trending topics.

As you can see in the graph above, there was unprecedented interest in gun rights and obtaining firearms in the past year with an extraordinary amount of uncertainty in society and personal safety.

In every practice area, there are always emerging topics and trends in search behavior. Of course, COVID-19 added thousands of questions consumers had to the mix, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t constant unique iterations of existing legal questions with changes to society, laws, and legislation.

If you’re always wondering how the search behavior and trends change over time, keep a lookout for what people are asking by looking in the following places:

  • Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, and other social resources
  • Reddit and Quora, along with other message boards where people have open and candid discussions
  • Google Trends
  • Keeping your ear to the ground in your own practice, where your front desk/receptionist is relaying unique information about potential client inquiries
  • Search tools and their changes over time, using Google Suggestive Search, Ubersuggest, and Answer the Public

Being Purposeful with the Geographic Pages You Create

Back in 2019, we successfully identified the ever-growing trend in “near me” searches, as exhibited here:

While we know how important it is to create geo pages on your website, sometimes we pick the wrong geos altogether.

The most straightforward way I explain creating geographic pages is to picture a hub on your website that is your “Areas We Serve.”  Though you may be smack dab in the middle of a metropolitan area, that doesn’t mean you don’t service a larger community of cities, towns, and neighborhoods in and around that metropolitan area.

For example, our clients in Orlando don’t just have pages exclusively optimized for Orlando. They have them for Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, and other areas practically a stone’s throw away to expand their visibility and online presence.

Sometimes, an extra step isn’t taken during this process to ensure which areas may actually get searches and which may not. Winter Park may be substantial enough to carry their own volume for pages optimized for “Winter Park DUI Lawyer” or “Winter Park Family Lawyer”.  But not too granular, like “Winter Park Theft Lawyer” or “Winter Park Child Custody Lawyer”.  Those pages may be too specific for a smaller town, but viable for a larger geo like Orlando.

Some areas may be too small altogether. Orlando’s neighborhoods, like Baldwin Park and Colonialtown, would likely be too small to carry the weight of even the broadest of keywords like “Baldwin Park lawyers.”  In a major city like New York, there is certainly weight in many neighborhoods across the city, like Astoria, Greenpoint, LES, and many more because of the sheer density and desire not to go too far.

When it comes to counties, it is exceedingly rare to see these pages get much traffic, at least relative to cities. It’ll happen throughout Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, occasionally Florida, etc., but you’ll want to use a tool to gauge if that’s a behavior people will conduct in your area.

Being Unique with Granular Practice Area Pages

5 Approaches to Creating Content That Result in Explosive Quality Traffic

For every practice area, most websites will include as few as 10 granular practice areas—though there may potentially be thousands that can have dedicated pages. In the image above, criminal defense tends to be the easiest to create hundreds of pages for. Not all will generate a ton of traffic individually, but combined, this could be the most impactful strategy you execute across all digital marketing techniques.

When getting ideas here, we could take a few different routes, but I want to introduce the easiest (which also happens to be the most effective). Though it involves browsing other law firm websites, they don’t have to be your competition’s, they could be in a completely different state.  Even if they were, you could certainly execute better than they could, right?

In the following video, you’ll see how you can compile thousands of page topics to work through in as little as 10 minutes, organized and good to go.

Answering Questions Your Colleagues and Clients Actually Ask

5 Approaches to Creating Content That Result in Explosive Quality Traffic

5 Approaches to Creating Content That Result in Explosive Quality Traffic

If I said it once I’ll say it again—your blog is the perfect place to answer the questions your potential clients are asking. Every question that’s asked—no matter whether it’s good or bad—is going to be asked again. And in many cases, it probably has been asked several times that very day by potential clients at other law firms.

Create the content that answers that question for them.

Additional insight on how to create absolutely stellar content that will elevate your website can be read in this article.

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