2015 was a great year for new applications in the productivity space.  I probably utilize roughly 20 apps on a weekly basis for personal and business use.  These 5 apps are sure to boost personal and business productivity in 2016.


Slack has been a staple of communication for our team.  Slack has replaced both our emailing and direct messaging software here at Market My Market. Slack even integrates with other apps such as you can see the full list here.


Text editors have always been contentious amongst developers. Everyone’s got their favorite and everyone likes to bash everyone else’s favorite. Atom is just one of the many text editors out there but it’s my personal best pick. Atom is a phenomenal open source application which allows users to hack, tweak, and customize to their heart’s content. You can change everything from the way the software looks to even its most core features. Best of all, you can download from a selection of thousands of add-ons which can really improve your productivity.


Recently acquired by Google, Waze is not just any maps app. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, Waze essentially works by crowdsourcing map data. Users can update roads, indicate locations where accidents have happened, report on traffic, and much more. I can personally attest to Waze having helped me not be late to a meeting on more than one occasion.


In addition to Slack, Asana forms the core of how our team operates. Asana is how we complete projects and track progress. Users can assign tasks to other users, mark off tasks that have been completed, and track all the work that has been done for each of our clients. One feature that I personally love is the ability to break up large tasks into lists of smaller tasks. Individuals can check off the smaller tasks as they get completed and avoid feeling overwhelmed by a large project.


Dashlane is a cross-platform password management tool which allows multiple users to sync passwords across devices seamlessly. Anyone who works at a computer knows that keeping track of passwords is a nightmare. At a digital marketing company like ours, we have literally hundreds of passwords to keep track of and share with one another on a daily basis. Dashlane is essentially how we avoid being in a situation where only one person knows a password and they are not around when someone else needs access.