A common lesson in digital marketing for your firm’s website is how fresh content may affect your google ratings. Written content is vital to the success of your website, it drives rankings and traffic. Content that is written poorly, or is neglected altogether, may not only harm the visibility of your website but can signal to potential clients that you don’t care enough about your reputation, a red flag for many. Your legal website is your digital ad, your face, so shouldn’t it be kept up to date, and look as good as possible? Here’s what to keep in mind when adding content to your website.

What is Relevant to Your Field?

If you are a lawyer who specializes in automobile accidents, it may not be worth it to devote your time to blogs about divorce law or criminal defense law. While there may be threads that connect them together, you will want to make sure that the written content for your legal website focuses mainly on what you specialize in. Keep terms simple and easy to read. Using the automobile accident example, more potential clients may search for “car accident lawyer” or “car crash lawyer” than “vehicular collision.” When they find your website or blog, if they find themselves overwhelmed by legal terminology or complex jargon, they may be more likely to get discouraged and look somewhere else.

Communicate With Your Digital Marketing Team

It is common practice for attorneys to have a digital marketing team write and post content for their website. If you are someone who has that team, or are considering one, it is imperative that you maintain open communication with them. Your digital marketing team’s job is to make sure your legal website is the best representation of you. They can’t do that if they have to guess on what it is you might find important for your legal practice, or how you want to represent yourself.

Branch Out

Once your law firm’s website has well written content that is being posted on a consistent basis, it might be time to think on how to branch out what other kind of content you want on your website. Videos and infographics are great ways to inform potential clients searching for a local lawyer that may not want to read much in order to get the information they want. If you decide to start being more diverse with your content, make sure you consult with an expert in the relevant field, whether it be someone you know or a digital marketing team that has experience producing videos or infographics.

The point of maintaining a steady flow of content to your website is to help improve your search result rankings. Your legal website, as nice as it may look, won’t do you any good if it can’t be found by potential clients, or convert clients. If you need assistance with the digital marketing for your law firm, contact us at Market My Market today!