As you journey from one digital marketing blog to the next, you continue to see the same thing: “High-quality content is the key to SEO.” Digital marketing experts proclaim that through constant production of such content, you can generate more leads and become an authority on a specific subject matter, but what happens when your blogs and posts just aren’t garnering the attention of potential consumers? What is there to do when you realize that your quirky posts and informative blogs are not performing as well as they should? Well, if you’re smart, you pursue an alternative method of doing things.

Have you ever heard of 10x content? It is essentially material that is ten times better than anything else that displays on the search engine results page (SERP) for any given topic or keyword phrase. To create such content, one must take on the mindset of an innovator and go beyond what the competition is doing to exploit an unexplored niche. While qualifying a piece of content as ten times better than another is subjective, there are actual methods and practices one can implement to improve the quality of produced content. Adhere to the following tips if you wish to transcend the barriers set by “good content.”

Do Your Research

Every company has their method of discovering relevant topics of discussion, but settling on a subject matter is only the beginning. Rather than simply Googling what other people have to say about it, take a step back and look into why this topic is relevant or why this question even exists. Ask yourself “What question do people ultimately want answered?”

If your company sells knives and you find out that there is a high search volume for “What are the best knives,” look into all layers of that question. The consumer may also want to know the sharpness of knives, their durability, materials, and many other factors. Use this information to choose an angle to approach the overarching topic of “What are the best knives?”

Find a Unique Approach

Now that you’ve uncovered the many layers of the topic, you want to find a unique approach. Brainstorm different ways of answering the question and research how other entities have attempted to do so. The purpose of 10x content is not to recreate what has already been done, but rather to implement a fresh perspective. Consumers are used to seeing how it has already been done. What will make your content stand out from the rest is that you’ll present an unexplored analysis method that considers factors other entities ignored.

Settle on a Presentation Method

The final and probably most important facet of creating 10x content is deciding how to display the information. Doing all of that brainstorming and research means nothing if you cannot present your content in a manner that engages readers and is easy to digest. Some 10x content can be lengthy which makes the presentation method all the more important. For long blogs, be sure to break up blocks of text with bulleted lists, images, and graphics. If your 10x is more visually based, steer clear of traditional ways of displaying information.

For example, your company is a travel agency, and you are answering the question “Why should I use a travel agent?” Rather than making a “Top Benefits” blog or pros and cons chart, create an aesthetically pleasing infographic that provides a snapshot of all relevant information. Such graphics are most efficient as they are easy to read and shared often.

It may take a few attempts before you create content that catches fire, but when it does, you’ll realize the efficacy of truly unique, high-quality content. Market My Market specializes in content marketing as well as PPC, SEM, web development, and social media marketing. Allow us to transform your digital presence! Contact us today at (800) 954-9441 for a free consultation with a digital marketing expert.