If you are a regular social media user, you are bombarded with links to posts about recent political, social, and economical events. Everyone has an opinion on what is going on in the world, with names, pictures, and websites blending together into a fat content smoothie. Writing opinions is easy, but what can make a blog post stand out? For your law firm’s digital marketing, it takes more than having a good topic, decent grammar, and spelling.

Make Each Word Count

In legal writing, words are typically seen as a means to an end; they are used to make confounding sentences that explain mild events. Because the law runs off objective, unbiased fact, this style of writing is acceptable and expected. Outside of the court, however, there’s no better way to scare off a potential client. To help control the legalese in your blogging, consider how every phrase, word, and sentence counts in your posts. One of the best methods on figuring out if your post has the emotional impact you’re looking for is reading it back out loud. If you find yourself stumbling over words, you may want to redraft.

Aim for the Unique

You are not the only criminal defense lawyer in town. Subjects within your practice area have probably been written about to death, most likely by paid published authors. If you have an idea you think is great, a quick Google search will often tell you that the idea has been written about several times throughout history. Does this mean the idea well has dried out? Not exactly, you just need a different type of bucket to get the water out. Idea guys don’t last long these days. Research what new angles you can approach with your topics, angles that mix your personal sensibilities and ideals.

Prepare a Hook

Many writers believe the hardest part is getting started; a blank page can be more intimidating than editing a Brother’s Karamazov length post. Since your first sentence is where most readers stay or leave, it’s not an element that should be taken lightly. The best hooks are usually in one of four categories:


  • Quote – An inspirational or thought provoking quote can help you ease into the point of your post. Don’t quote yourself.
  • Thought Provoking Question – Approach your readers with a question that challenges how they think, but be careful with cliches. How many “Are you in trouble and need a lawyer” posts are there?
  • Statistics – Let numbers do the talking for you. If you have the research to back up your claim, there’s little reason to ignore it.
  • Stories – Perhaps your most powerful tool, a story can help contextualize your argument and tap into the reader’s ethos.


Law firm blogging feeds upon a lawyer’s strengths, but also his weaknesses. If you don’t know who you are writing for, or why you are writing, then your arguments will most likely stand on a weak foundation. If you are having trouble building a digital marketing campaign contact our legal marketing company, Market My Market. We specialize in consulting attorneys on their marketing efforts.