Companies have been using news stories to their advantage for decades. However, with the recent technological advancements, law firms are considering using the strategy of hijacking hashtags. When law firms take time to plan their approach, this can be a successful strategy. Here are some ways that law firms can use hashtags to their benefit.

Hashtags Origins

Hashtags were created by Twitter users and eventually adopted by social media when Twitter used them as hyperlinks. Hashtags started as a way to differentiate trending topics and soon evolved into a multi functional asset. Almost every social media platform uses hashtags. Hashtags allow companies to interact with their potential customers.

Why Are Hashtags Relevant

Hashtags should showcase company values. From a marketing standpoint, hashtags allow law firms to increase their content reach, get their content found, and boost their SEO campaign. Hashtags allow companies to see real time responses on trending topics. The primary ways that law firms can use hashtags to their benefit are by creating their own hashtags and using existing ones to their benefit.

Good Examples

When the hashtag #NationalFriedChickenDay started trending, KFC used the hashtag to showcase their brand to millions of hungry customers. During the Summer, the hashtag #HottestDayOfTheYear started trending. The beauty brand L’Oreal used the hashtag to its advantage by using humor. The picture of the animal attempting to cool off helped make L’Oreal more relatable.

Hashtag Mistakes

Homebase attempted to capitalize on the publicity surrounding the famous artist Prince’s death. Homebase faced severe criticism from the online community and apologized to do some damage control. Fashion Company Kenneth Cole tried to benefit from the ongoing crisis in Cairo, Egypt. The city was suffering from a protest outbreak and many people felt that Kenneth Cole was making light of the situation. Kenneth Cole apologized soon after.

Preparation Is Key

Companies should take time to consider their approach. Before posting, companies should prepare for all possible outcomes. Respond to any online interactions to help build engagement. At some point, every company will deal with negativity. The most important thing is to not take things personally and avoid conflict.

Remember the importance of acting fast. New stories are always developing, so once the tweet begins to receive momentum, contact a journalist to explain why the hashtag is important to the company.

Hashtags carry a lot of influence and the potential to benefit law firms in a major way. If law firms can learn to successfully integrate hashtags, they will see good results. For further information on how to maximize your digital presence contact Market My Market. Our digital marketing experts can provide you with the information needed to take your law firm to the next level.