If a potential client does not willingly pick up the phone and dial your number, they will most likely reach out to your law firm through a contact form. Many firms choose to stick with the default template available, but that may not be the best idea. Contact forms that appear lengthy and require too much information are often ignored by those who may be interested in your services. In order to convert as many browsers into clients as possible, a law firm’s website must have a quality contact form.

Website Design

Sporting an elaborate website that delivers a powerful punch can be a waste if it is unclear how to navigate the site. Failure to create a comprehensive website that is easy to navigate can turn off even the most interested browser. If someone can’t find a clear way to contact your law firm, they will usually exit your page and invest in the services of a competing law firm. To prevent this, have your web team design a user-friendly website that provides clear contact information.

Contact Form Fields

In some instances, the requested information can be highly personal. Many law firm contact forms ask individuals to supply specifics that should be considered confidential between an attorney and his or her client. Your job is to make sure that your potential client doesn’t feel like he or she is taking a risk by pursuing your services.

To aid in the effort of client security, the contact form should be secure and accessible to only relevant parties if you feel personal details are necessary to have up front. Generally, it is better to have a contact form that instructs browsers to only offer basic information. A follow-up communication will then provide the framework for a more open and frank discussion.

Responding to Inquiries

Any quality contact form clearly indicates when an individual can expect a response. By offering a response time, the client feels valued knowing that someone will reach out to them, rather than being left to wonder if or when to expect a response. Depending on the size of a law firm, that return call may be within minutes or, if a contact comes in late at night, the next day during regular business hours.

One of the most crucial aspects of providing a response time is that the attorney or firm delivers on their pledge. Offering a quick response and not following through is something that can have many negative ramifications. It can push that once interested individual away and deter future clients who might have otherwise considered acquiring services from your firm.

The contact form is only a small facet of a law firm’s website, yet it can have harmful consequences if overlooked. Market My Market takes law firm digital marketing to a new level. It can be difficult to grasp all the nuances of legal marketing, which is why we are here for you. Contact us today to discuss digital marketing for your law firm.