If you hire a digital marketing company to handle your advertising efforts on Google, it is in your best interests to stay aware of the Google Adwords Third Party Policy. Google wants to make sure its users are satisfied with its services and obtain accurate information. While the business is not against marketing companies running adword campaigns for clients – in fact they provide certifications for businesses that follow the rules and pass standard qualifications – they enforce strict guidelines about how to present adwords results. Breaking the rules can lead to severe penalties.


Business owners should have accurate information so they can make the best decision for their company. For this reason, marketing services should present relevant information when it is requested. This means accurately reporting the data with clicks, costs, and impressions acquired from adwords. The charges associated with this data should not include any additional fees the marketing company requires form managing the account. Small law firms with advertising budgets less than $1,000 should also expect a “working with a third-party” disclosure notice from the company they partner with. The company is required to share this notice.

Prohibited Practices

Third-party partners are expected to provide reasonable goals and plans for their clients. This means avoiding unrealistic promises that can mislead businesses. Such claims can include:

  • Guaranteeing number one search placement.
  • Offering vouchers for Adwords as a reward for payment.
  • Constant cold-calling of potential clients.
  • Having others take the Google certification exams under your name.

Account Setup Requirements

The marketing company you hire for your law firm adwords should follow the account setup requirements by the letter. The most important of these requirements is having a separate adwords account for each advertiser. Keeping accounts separate helps with the quality score of your adwords campaigns, and will also guarantee that each business has an ad of its own. Your partner should know about the different policies that apply, but you can also find them yourself on Google’s support page.

If you believe your third party partner is violating Google’s policies, you can notify them of your concerns and help prevent harm to your ad campaign or SEO efforts. Market My Market follows the policies applied by Google and can assist you with adwords, SEO, and other digital marketing efforts for your law firm. Contact us today for a free consultation.