If you’ve ever browsed a website and noticed ads from that site appearing on other sites you visit, then you’ve experienced remarketing. If you’re not currently making use of remarketing, then you may be missing out on an opportunity to promote your firm.

The average person must see an ad seven times before they take action, making remarketing a useful tool. If you’re curious about how to use remarketing to advertise your firm, read on to learn more.

How Remarketing Works

Setting up remarketing requires only a couple simple steps. First, you’ll need to choose which advertising platform will display your ads around the web. Next, you’ll need to decide where you would like to present your ads. You can choose to post your ads only on other websites, or you can choose to add social media platforms as well. Through the use of cookies, previous visitors will see your advertising either on the web or their social media feeds as they browse.

Who Is Remarketing Appropriate For?

While remarketing can be a useful tool, it may not be appropriate for every firm. Not all practice areas should employ remarketing as part of their advertising strategy, especially if they are dealing with sensitive information. For example, divorce attorneys should approach remarketing with caution. If a website visitor is researching divorce attorneys and doesn’t want their spouse to know, remarketing can create an awkward situation.

On the other hand, attorneys who are dealing with less sensitive information should absolutely consider employing remarketing. Potential clients may visit your website, learn more details and then decide to consider you among their options. Time passes, and they may inadvertently forget to move forward with hiring legal counsel. In this situation, remarketing can be very useful because it reminds that visitor that your firm is still ready to serve them.

How Can Remarketing Benefit Your Firm?

If you’re searching for a relatively low-cost method of directing people to your firm, remarketing can be an effective tool to accomplish that. By employing this advertising technique, you stand to increase your brand awareness and improve your click-through rate. Many internet users need to see an ad several times before they feel prompted to take action and remarketing achieves that level of exposure for you.

Just remember: you’ll need to test several different ads to determine which ones generate the most positive response. Track your results with each ad, and when you’ve found a few that work, you’ll be well on your way to remarketing success.

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