If you are a lawyer or in charge of marketing for a large law firm, then you know that it is pointless to create dry content that does not connect with anyone. To promote your services or the services of your firm, you need to write high quality content that is pleasing to real people and Google.

If you are starting out, then here are five essential things to include in your legal blog articles.


Google counts on keywords to let them know what the page is about, but it is not a good idea to stuff every keyword that’s related to the field of law into every post that you write. Think about terms that people who are looking for information on the topic in your geographical area are likely to use. Then, choose one or two of them and use them naturally in your post.

User-friendly Language

There is no doubt that the legal industry is filled with big words like. Unless you are marketing to other lawyers, write in terms that your sister or brother will understand, assuming they are not lawyers. You want your content to be valuable to those on your site, so keep it simple!

Obvious Marketing

You are likely to be highly annoyed by in-your-face advertising, and your readers will be too. Instead, concentrate on telling a story that will leave a memory in your reader’s minds by connecting with their emotions. One great way to do this is to pull a headline from today’s trending news and tie it to services that you offer.

Lively Content

While the field of law has many dry facts that must be presented in court cases, leave them where they belong: in front of a judge. Instead, your blog posts are a great place to let your hair down and show that your firm contains people who have a sense of humor, care deeply about those around them, and love to have a good time.


Your blog posts should contain a structure. Start with a story that captures readers attention in an area of the law. Then, move on to show facts and statistics that prove your point-of-view on the subject. Finish with call-to-action inviting readers to contact you if they have a similar issue.

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