PPC or pay-per-click advertising can be very beneficial for the lead generation of a law firm.

Eighty percent of the highest priced Google PPC keywords are regarding the field of law. There are ways to create PPC AdWords campaigns to deliver additional clicks for a decreased cost to improve your ROI.

You will not get results by merely sending PPC traffic to your website. The best way for a company to amplify its ROI is to combine a variety of marketing tactics.

Creating Content That Will Engage Potential Clients

Every Google ad requires a landing page with content delivering on any promises made in your ad. The keywords in the content must mirror the keywords in the ad. Your landing page URL must be appropriately named with a concise phrase.

You can increase the trust factor by including video and discussing what your firm offers.

The quality score for your ads is essential. High scores will decrease your cost per click for AdWords. Your ads will be positioned better on the SERP or search engine result pages, increasing your new client conversions.

Google determines the quality score for your ads with an algorithm encompassing landing page quality and relevance. Your ad should include the benefits, features and a call to action. The number of clicks your ad receives determines your click-through rate.

Your quality score improves as the number of clicks increases. The benchmark CTR for a law firm is 1.35 percent, if you are below this mark, fine-tune and test your landing pages, keywords, and ads.

Creating Keywords for Maximum Efficiency

Your keywords should reflect what a potential client might enter. The basic keywords include the word “lawyer,” or can consist of numerous words such as “experienced trial lawyer.”

Potential clients may be using longtail keywords encompassing an entire sentence. Your keywords can be expanded to include negative keywords to help eliminate unwanted clicks for services you do not provide, such as traffic tickets or legal disputes. A positive keyword draws potential clients while negative keywords keep them away. Your main keyword should be in your ads, along with a call to action.

A keyword match type triggers ads by controlling the keywords. AdWords has four types of keyword match types:

  • Exact Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Broad Match

The legal profession rarely uses Broad Match because it results in irrelevant clicks. The Broad Match Modifier enables you to place a “+” in front of your keyword. If you set a “+” before “divorce attorney,” this will be the only phrase that will trigger your ad. The other types are relevant for numerous uses and applications.

Get Professional Help

Figuring out the mathematics of algorithms and doing the research on keywords is a time-consuming effort, and unless your office has a marketing department to take care of all of this, sometimes, it’s best to get professional help. Many companies specialize in creating the best Adwords and content to get your company’s website where it needs to go.

If you need advice in anything Adwords related, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation. Our valuable team of digital marketing experts are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.