How Can I Market My Law Firm During the Holidays?

Believe it or not, the holidays hold prime marketing opportunities for attorneys and law firms. While many firms may experience a lull during the last several weeks of the year, these weeks may be the perfect time to set the stage for ongoing business. The holidays bring with them many opportunities to connect with new leads and potential clients, making it wise to take advantage of the season. Here’s how to use the holidays to maximize your law firm’s marketing efforts.

Holiday Networking Opportunities

The holiday season is notorious for its array of parties and gatherings. During the last several weeks of the year, more opportunities exist to meet new people than during any other season. The savvy marketer will take advantage of these gatherings by using them to promote services and connect with others. Doing so can open new doors and bring to light new opportunities. Instead of cringing at the thought of one more holiday party, use these get-togethers to set the stage for continued business throughout the new year.

Seasonal Cards

There is no better time of year to mail out cards than during the holidays. Sending cards to past and current clients is impactful and reminds them that their firm truly has a vested interest in their well-being. Choose cards that do not have a religious affiliation and personally sign each one. Being sensitive to religious affiliations will help to avoid being inadvertently offensive, while adding the personal touch of a signature will help to make the card less generic and more oriented toward each individual client. To make it even more personal, adding a short, hand-written note can position a firm even higher in the client’s mind. This may lead to valuable referrals and can solidify a firm’s integrity and reputation.

Acknowledge Referral Sources

Having a steady stream of referrals can be extremely valuable to a firm’s success. Taking the time to acknowledge and thank referral sources is especially important and appreciated during the holidays. Perhaps a card, gift, or get-together can take place and help solidify a personal connection. Taking the time to show appreciation to those sending consistent business will very likely set the stage for continued referrals.


The holidays are the perfect time to make connections that may prove valuable in the following months. Use this time of year wisely and watch those efforts pay off throughout the new year.