In today’s web-driven communication climate, it’s important for a law firm to have a corporate website that communicates its brand messages well. There are many ways to design a website. Although graphics and premade designs are good to have, the site’s ability to capture a client’s attention and communicate a strong, clear message is the most important aspect of any webpage.

Ditching Distracting Designs and Graphics

Some law firm owners expect to see impressive graphics when they hire a design team or graphic designer. The truth, however, is that your site is a tool for communicating what your firm does and not a media to show off fancy design skills. If your firm’s message can be communicated clearly through words and minimal visual representations, then you’ve successfully designed an effective website.

Connecting with Clients

One of the most important aspects of any legal website is transparency in the presentation of contact information. It should be easy to find out how to reach the firm via email, phone, or in-person without doing any serious searching on the site. The site’s message about contacting the firm should be clear and concise. Make your clients know that their business is welcome and that reaching you or setting up a consultation is simple.

See the Website from the Client’s Perspective

When designing a user-friendly law firm website, it’s also crucial to keep in mind who your potential clients are and how they may view the website. People in need of legal help may be under significant stress. These potential clients need to know that if they contact you, you will listen to their needs and calm their fears. This reassurance must be conveyed by the content on your website as well as in its design. Stay away from graphics that are overly busy and overwhelming; instead, try a look that conveys a sense of calm and stability.

Designing a new website takes time and effort; but if done well, a website can be a great tool for bringing new business to your firm. So, be sure to take the time to work with your design team during development to ensure that the final product looks good, conveys an accurate message about your firm, and feels welcoming.

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