Videos can serve as one of the most dominant forms of communication for your law firm’s website. A video can demonstrate how an attorney’s expertise can help with a client’s case. It can give viewers an idea of what to expect the moment they walk in through your office doors. However, a significant amount of time, money, and manpower goes into making a video. Recording audio and footage, maintaining a production team, and keeping track of the technical aspects often blindsides most rookie directors. When you work on a video for your law firm, what do you need to consider to make one that matters?

Messaging and Purpose

Messaging is your video’s foundation. Much like with a digital marketing strategy, without a clear message or goal your video production efforts will fall apart before they ever get started. What is it that your clients will get out of watching your video? Will you be talking about something that revolves around their interests? Having a 30 minute long instructional video about DUI laws will probably not be much help to someone who just wants to know if you are a lawyer who has a proven record of results. Your video also shouldn’t be the single focus of your marketing plan. It is only a component of that strategy, a cog turning within a greater machine. Don’t abandon other digital marketing efforts for your law firm for the sake of one video.


If you work for a law firm with more than one attorney, you may be tempted to produce a video that focuses on the whole company rather than the people who work in it. You don’t have to look far to find stories of law firm clients who felt the lawyer they worked with did not provide the same level of quality as the company promised. It is often better to have a video that focuses on each attorney’s personal qualities, rather than what the business has done in the past. While this may be more work at first, it helps personalize the lawyers which can encourage more leads.


Much like with most digital marketing, you should expect potential clients visiting your law firm website to have short attention spans. Be mindful of how much information you have in the video. If most of the screentime is spent lecturing, most people will tune out after a minute. Work with your writer to condense the important points of your messaging and services.

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