I’m excited to share a guide I’ve been working on little by little for the past 6 months. Besides COVID-19, there have been tremendous updates to how people search for professional services, how they interpret messaging differently, and generally perceive the best option at hand.

Introducing Checkmate

From the guide’s landing page:

The 10 ways the most successful law firms have been doing marketing the right way. There are no “hacks” or “secrets” when it comes to great marketing for law firms – just tried and true processes and strategies that thrive with consistency. We go over ways that you can start these strategies today without spending more time and money than you need to see results. “

It is already getting some great traction and feedback which I’m excited about, so I invite you to give it a read and hopefully give me some feedback as well, totally free and no string attached (though I may at least ask you what you thought):


The guide covers 10 main tactics for accomplishing significant improvements to your organic traffic that can result in quality leads that will grow steadily over time.

Here is an overview of what you’ll learn from each chapter:

1. Telling Your Story

➢ Your digital assets present the “Journey” to the potential client where you are the “Guide”.
➢ How to segment your story into different attention spans for ads, your website/call-to-action, and potential client experience
➢ How to start thinking about your value-added services, value propositions, and unique differentiators.

2. Legal-Specific Services and Technologies Available

➢ Understanding your Intake is the first touch point anyone ever has with your firm and focusing on recording calls and creating scripts.
➢ How to stay in front of any potential clients that don’t sign up on the spot.
➢ Getting involved with Case Management Software AND a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

3. Getting Involved in Social Media

➢ Why Video and Social are channels many lawyers don’t engage on and how to take advantage of it.
➢ Why your success on Facebook and other social platforms is heavily contingent on creating the right audience.
➢ How producing good social content can be derived from content you’re already producing for your website via repurposing.

4. Organic Positioning Beyond Your Website

➢ How SEO and Organic results will produce the most qualified leads online next to your word-of-mouth/referrals.
➢ Understanding that SEO has become increasingly more difficult because of the variance in search results, but how to use it as an opportunity.
➢ In the past 3 years of surveying how people search for legal services, “Google” has never fallen under 50% of all responses.

5. Improving Your Content Strategy

➢ Why Law firms with a consistent content plan consistently win.
➢ How to put together an easy and effective On-page optimization plan.
➢ How to find simple but creative ways of producing the content you need for your website.

6. Take Your Blogging Seriously!

➢ Why your blog can be getting leads by answering legal questions everyone is asking.
➢ Understanding your blog’s place on your current website (aka it shouldn’t be on another website).
➢ Looking at the success from a well-run blogging strategy.

7. The State of Links and Building Authority

➢ Why getting quality links with link building is tough but successful law firms still succeed.
➢ The real way you should be looking at “buying links”
➢ Reasons why your current link building strategy may not be working.

8. Structured Data for Lawyers

➢ Why structured data is absolutely a gamechanger for click-through rates on search results.
➢ Keeping up with new structured data categories while discontinuing other categories.
➢ Understanding that structured data is considered to be the bridge to the new ways people will search online, such as using voice search.

9. Voice Search for Law Firms

➢ How Voice Search may tie in heavily with structured data.
➢ Creating content that includes phrases that align with how people perform more inquisitive queries.

10. Analyzing Your Paid and Organic Opportunities

➢ What metrics you should be focusing on besides ROI.
➢ The fact that If you are going to engage in advertising and not both analyzing what’s working and what’s not, why bother.

Trust the Experts with Proven SEO and Content Strategies

At Market My Market, we have a structured approach to marketing that implements all of these tactics to help you get to the top of the search engine results pages. When you’re ready to grow your law firm with a focused strategy, talk to us. Complete our contact form for a free consultation.