2023 was a strong year for the Legal Mastermind Podcast. With great guests and exciting conversations, there’s tons of content to revisit for motivating our business development and marketing goals for 2024.  Most of these podcasts are from the last year, but a few from 2022 are still very relevant today.

How Law Firms Will Win, Parts I and II

Main Focus: Various Topics

Links: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-244-2023-end-of-year-recap-pt-i/ and https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-245-2023-end-of-recap-pt-ii/

Maybe a little biased start, but what can you expect? In this two-part series, Chase and I discuss 10 trends to look forward to in 2024. We’ve been extremely accurate the past 4 years, so we expect that consistency to carry over well this year.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Main Focus: Vendor Accountability

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-175-dan-brian-the-dos-donts-of-digital-marketing/

Dan Brian, Founder of Marketing for Justice, came on to discuss his unique experience as a Director of Marketing for a prominent NC law firm as well. He has seen every possible marketing solicitation email imaginable, so he is well versed in understanding what marketing approaches and tactics are trending and which are simply self-serving and ineffective.

Never Lose an Employee Again

Main Focus: Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-246-joey-coleman-never-lose-an-employee-again/

Joey Coleman is a Professional Speaker and Author on All Things Employee and Customer Experience. In his return to the Legal Mastermind Podcast, Joey promotes his new book. “Never Lose An Employee Again, which is now available on all platforms.

Delivering Real-Time Analytics With CallRail

Main Focus: Lead Tracking and Marketing Strategy/Budgeting

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-163-emily-rose-popson-delivering-real-time-analytics-with-callrail/

Emily Rose Popson is the Head of Demand Generation over at CallRail. CallRail has been a premier option for call tracking attribution, and with new features around every corner, such as “Call/Agent Tracking” and different forms of segmentation, CallRail has truly been the go-to for tracking your marketing dollars.

The Keys to Creativity that Lead to Success

Main Focus: Consulting and Creative Development

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-235-dan-callahan-the-keys-to-creativity-that-lead-to-success/

Dan Callahan is the owner of Callahan Consulting Group LLC. He is also the former President and Managing Partner of California’s Premier Litigation Firm, Callahan & Blaine, headquartered in Santa Ana California. Some of Dan’s accomplishments include winning the prestigious OCTLA Trial Lawyer of the Year Award three times, being named one of the Top 10 Attorneys in the United States by the National Law Journal, and being voted California Business Trial Lawyer of the Year by California Lawyer Magazine.

Generating Diversity and Innovation into Your Firm by Using the Medici Effect

Main Focus: Business Development and Innovation

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-150-frans-johannson-generating-diversity-innovation-into-your-firm-by-using-the-medici-effect/

Frans Johannson, author of The Medici Effect and founder of The Medici Group, has been one of my favorite books for inspiring idea generation and innovation over the past couple of years. This is a great listen for anyone attempting to break the mold for their typically solution-finding approaches.

Focus Group Review

Main Focus: Focus Groups and Market Research

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-225-eric-bersano-ryan-klein-focus-group-review/

In this obviously shameless plug, special guest Ryan Klein is the CEO of Market My Market and fellow co-host of the Legal Mastermind Podcast. Klein joins LMP co-host and Market My Market’s Vice President of Business Development Eric Bersano for a review of focus groups on legal websites.

The 10 Disciplines

Main Focus: Work/Life Balance and Time Management

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-207-rob-dube-the-10-disciplines/

Rob Dube is the Visionary of The 10 Disciplines, alongside friend and fellow entrepreneur, Gino Wickman. The 10 Disciplines offers entrepreneurs with driven DNA the opportunity to learn and build a foundation in their lives to create peace, ease, and impact. He is also the co-founder of imageOne, which has been recognized by publications like Forbes and Inc Magazine for its people-first and purpose-driven culture. As an avid meditator and positive servant leader for 30 years, Rob is driven to share the personal and professional benefits of leading and living mindfully.

Strategically Managing Your Law Firm in 2023

Main Focus: Budgeting and Forecasting

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-217-david-crum-strategically-managing-your-law-firm-in-2023/

David Crum works in a dual role as CEO of US Legal Groups and Cardinal Concepts. US Legal Groups is the parent company of three divorce and family law firms in New Mexico, Colorado, and Nebraska. Cardinal Concepts is a marketing agency designed exclusively to provide the highest marketing and consulting services to divorce and family law firms across the United States.

The Value of Leadership

Main Focus: Leadership and Visionary Concepts

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-208-david-neagle-the-value-of-leadership/

David Neagle is the founder of the multimillion-dollar global consulting company Life Is Now, Inc and host of the Business Daily News ranked podcast – The Successful Mind. David’s quest is to teach people to think successfully so they can experience personal freedom. Being in the personal and professional development industry for more than 20 years, David has worked alongside other well-known mentors like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, and his clients include many well-known people, including New York Times #1 best-selling author Jen Sincero.