2023 was a strong year for the Legal Mastermind Podcast. With great guests and exciting conversations, there’s tons of content to revisit for motivating our business development and marketing goals for 2024.

How Law Firms Will Win, Parts I and II

Main Focus: Various Topics

Links: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-244-2023-end-of-year-recap-pt-i/ and https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-245-2023-end-of-recap-pt-ii/

Maybe a little biased start, but what can you expect? In this two-part series, Chase and I discuss 10 trends to look forward to in 2024. We’ve been extremely accurate the past 4 years, so we expect that consistency to carry over well this year.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Main Focus: Vendor Accountability

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-175-dan-brian-the-dos-donts-of-digital-marketing/

Dan Brian, Founder of Marketing for Justice, came on to discuss his unique experience as a Director of Marketing for a prominent NC law firm as well. He has seen every possible marketing solicitation email imaginable, so he is well versed in understanding what marketing approaches and tactics are trending and which are simply self-serving and ineffective.

Prioritizing Your Mental Health in the Workplace

Main Focus: Motivating and Developing Talent in the Workplace

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-172-suzi-hixon-prioritizing-your-mental-health-in-the-workplace/

Suzi Hixon is the Founder and CEO of Legally Blissed and understands a genuine work/life balance from her years of legal experience. In this podcast, we talk about the very real but supposed unrealistic notion that you can achieve your goals as a lawyer without working 10-14 hours, 6 days a week. With the right Mental Health considerations and boundaries in your workplace and client relationships, you may be able to work less while still accomplishing more.

Delivering Real-Time Analytics With CallRail

Main Focus: Lead Tracking and Marketing Strategy/Budgeting

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-163-emily-rose-popson-delivering-real-time-analytics-with-callrail/

Emily Rose Popson is the Head of Demand Generation over at CallRail. CallRail has been a premier option for call tracking attribution, and with new features around every corner, such as “Call/Agent Tracking” and different forms of segmentation, CallRail has truly been the go-to for tracking your marketing dollars.

The Journey to Becoming a Business Development Coach

Main Focus: Business Development

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-168-steve-fretzin-the-journey-to-becoming-a-business-development-coach/

Steve Fretzin, author and host of the BE THAT LAWYER podcast, has a passion for coaching other lawyers. Business Development, though a broader term, is an often-overlooked aspect of running a law firm, and hundreds of attorneys have been working with Steve for 20 years for his insight and business acumen.

Generating Diversity and Innovation into Your Firm by Using the Medici Effect

Main Focus: Business Development and Innovation

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-150-frans-johannson-generating-diversity-innovation-into-your-firm-by-using-the-medici-effect/

Frans Johannson, author of The Medici Effect and founder of The Medici Group, has been one of my favorite books for inspiring idea generation and innovation over the past couple of years. This is a great listen for anyone attempting to break the mold for their typically solution-finding approaches.

Applying the ARTT Method to Organize Your Emails

Main Focus: Time Management and Task Efficiencies

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-148-sarah-tetlow-applying-the-artt-method-to-organize-your-emails/

Sarah Tetlow of Firm Focus explains how something as innocuous as your work email can be a total time sink each and every day if not managed efficiently. This is a great podcast for anyone looking ahead to their proverbial work “plate” and is still scratching their head about how they’re going to overcome everything. Sometimes, we have to look at the simple ongoing activities we do every day, from checking our emails to reading these blogs and seeing how only a couple minutes each hour add up to huge time crunches.

Finding the Right Chief Marketing Officer for Your Firm

Main Focus: Organizational Theory and Marketing

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-144-brenda-pontiff-finding-the-right-chief-marketing-officer-for-your-firm/

Brenda Pontiff of Partner Track Academy talks about one critical piece of a law firm’s internal org: the Marketing Person. In this case a CMO on the corporate firm level, but this can range from Director to Assistant. While having an agency such as MMM is a fantastic plan for any long-term growth plan, there’s plenty of benefit to having someone on the inside that can do many non-digital components and represent your firm and your firm’s efforts from a boots-on-the-ground, grassroots approach.

Sustaining Long-Term Client Relationships With a Sustainable Business Development Model

Main Focus: Branding and Referral Building

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-142-chuki-obiyo-sustaining-long-term-client-relationships-with-a-sustainable-business-development-model/

Chuki Obiyo of Vedder Price knows relationships. Even with this conversation taking place just about a year ago, Chuki has concepts that have resonated with our own team in 2022. Introduction, Information, Invitation – no matter what you do after a conversation with someone, always provide at least one of the “I’s” afterward in an effort to build a long-term, genuine relationship with the people that you meet in your networks.

Outsourcing Your Law Firm’s Content 101

Main Focus: Content Generation

Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-140-steve-pockross-bringing-your-firms-website-to-life-with-content-creation/

Last but not least, we have Steve Pockross, CEO of Verblio. Now as much as I’d love for you to always work with MMM to work on a content strategy, many people aren’t looking for a full-scale partnership just yet or simply need a short-term content solution. Verblio is a great, reliable platform where all businesses can find capable and talented writers to create anything from blogs to long-form content. This was a great conversation that explains why this type of solution to content could be a good fit for different businesses.