When you don’t have a plan in place, the content for your law firm marketing can get disorganized quickly. At the same time, only saying you should “make a plan” doesn’t help. Knowing you have to make a plan without any set goal is similar to saying you should lose weight for the year without knowing how much weight you want to lose. While it is a good start, not having any outline or structure in place can make things frustrating. Building your topic clusters is one effective marketing technique that allows you to be broad and still aim at a specific audience. Topic clusters teach your potential clients how they can engage with you without taking up too much of their valuable time.

Building a Topic Cluster

A topic cluster consists of a “Pillar Topic” with smaller, similar clusters around it. For example, a personal injury attorney may choose car accidents as his pillar topic, and then build clusters similar to car accidents like road work accidents, DUI accidents, commercial truck accidents, and pedestrian accidents. This arrangement helps potential clients find the main, overarching topic (Information relating to car accidents) then quickly access information that applies more specifically to them (The particular situation that caused their accident).

Adjusting Your Clusters

Because topic clusters have the ability to remain broad, you can adjust them to any new questions your clients may have or to any developments within your legal practice. For example, state laws about operating a vehicle may change during your time as a practicing attorney and your topic cluster can slightly adjust to account for that change. Topic clusters should also remain readable to an audience that is usually not familiar with the law. Plenty of digital marketing content frames legal charges or claims in unfamiliar statements like “vehicle collision” when most people are searching simple terms like “got hit by a car.”

Producing Content

Topic clusters are one way to help your law firm organize the content for your digital marketing, but it doesn’t have to be your only option. If you’re trying to find the best way to plan the online marketing for your legal practice, contact us at Market My Market for a free personalized consultation.