Pinterest is a fun and engaging way to connect with people. For example, restaurant owners can pin (upload) pictures of new dishes they are testing out to show their followers. A home and business interior designer can share their work with the world by pinning the latest pictures of projects they are working on. Pinterest draws in individuals from all different background who are interest in the same hobby or topic as you. The Pinterest platform could be used as an extension of your business.

We will show you how easy it is to set up your Business Pinterest account. Just follow the steps…. Let’s get started!

1. Sign up for Pinterest Business.

Click here to sign up for a Pinterest Business account.
You should see the red “Join as a business button” like the image below. Click the button.






2. Register your account

You will be directed to their registration page. Fill in all the information as requested for the first half of the page. Then scroll down.

create business pinterest
For the second half of the registration, you will be asked to fill in your business information.

  • Use the name of your business as the username, in that way it will be easy for others to search for your Business Pinterest account.
  • It is important that you upload a logo of your business, for others to easily identify your Pinterest.
  • Write in a description about your business for the “About” fill in.
  • Place the web address of your professional site into the “Website” fill in. (not shown in the picture.)
  • Then scroll down.








3. Click “Create Account”

Once you have filled in all your information just simply place a check in the Accept Terms box then click “Create Account”


4. Your new page!

You should see a page like the one here.

Before proceeding, you should have received an email confirmation form Pinterest. Make sure to log into your email, open it and press the “Email Confirmation” button. ***

Now that you have a page. we will show you some basics of how to connect and share with others on Pinterest.


5. Find friends

Press on the “Find Friends” button to add your friends.

You will see this page.

  • Pinterest made it easy to add your friends from Facebook and Twitter. Just press on the icons and follow the instruction.
  • You can also invite friends to join you on Pinterest by pressing the “Invite Friends” button, to send them an email.


6. Fill Your Feed

Find others who share the same interest as you do by pressing the red “Fill Your Feed” button. By following others of the same interest, you will now be able to connect with other trendsetters like yourself.


Once you have clicked the button this page should pop up.

This is the fun part. Just simply locate your interests and “Follow,” it is as easy as that!


7. Share your own pictures

Now that you have your own Business Pinterest account you can share with the world through pictures of products you sell or things you are working on.

Simply press the “+” button to add in your image with captions or information about the image you are sharing.

8. Pin up what interests you

Lastly you can pin down pictures you like and even organize them. Perhaps you found some photos that inspire you for your next project? You can pin it and organize them by interest, projects, or whatever way you like.

Click the “red thumbnail pin” icon to pin a picture.

And viola! You now have a Pinterest Business account. The opportunities are endless with what you can do on here out. Though, the business platform is still fairly new it allows for you to play and test around. At Market My Market we can work with you to enhance and manage your Business Pinterest page. We have experience working to integrate and optimize social media accounts with business owners like yourself. Contact us to talk about what marketing strategies works best for your new Business Pinterest page.

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