High-quality content can build trust with potential consumers and attest to the credibility of your business. What’s the point of having top notch content if no one sees it? There are endless means of promoting content, but many of them can be costly and time-consuming. Social media is a unique avenue for you to connect with your audience and few social media platforms do it better than Facebook.

Facebook’s Audience Network currently has a monthly reach of over 1 billion people, a statistic that excites marketers of all goods and services. This is no surprise as Facebook’s laser-focused audience-targeting enables business owners to reach the most appropriate audience at the best time. Allow these content promotion tips to help you take advantage of this custom and cost-friendly marketing platform.

Use Quality Images

The first thing that people see when they look at a post is the image. That image plays a significant role in whether the browser continues scrolling or stops to read the post. Avoid the use of stock photos or any other source of free images. Browsers are tired of seeing the same pictures and will likely scroll past your blog post before even reading the headline.

The most compelling images grab the audience’s attention and make them want to read the content of the post. Have a designer (whether in-house or a freelancer) create these images specific to your content to set yourself apart from the crowd. Using paid stock photos can help as well, as they are less common. Sourcing or creating images with contrasting colors can also help your post stand out on busy Facebook timelines.

Create Irresistible Headlines

Only 20% of browsers will naturally read past the headline; the other 80% are counting on the headline to reel them in. Your best bet at converting the most Facebook users is through the creation of eye-catching, click-inducing headlines. Your headline should entice readers, pique their curiosity, and give them an urge to see more.

The headline is the perfect opportunity to add to the blog title and meta description with one last captivating string of words. Avoid regurgitating mundane content, instead:

  • Identify how it benefits the reader
  • Use statistics and facts to create perceived authority
  • Keep headlines under 70 characters
  • Use an active voice

Target Your Audience

Facebook gives you the freedom to create a custom audience. This feature helps ensure that your promoted content only reaches people who will take an interest in it. You can target Facebook users based on age, location, gender, interests, and many other specifications. The Saved Audience feature allows you to store a particular demographic and remarket to them if need be.

Another helpful promotional service is the Custom Audience feature. Your “custom audience” is all users who have visited your site or performed an action on your Facebook page. This demographic is the most valuable as they have already expressed interest in your business. By effectively marketing to them, you improve your chances of converting more browsers into consumers.
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