Once in a while we see incredible, smart, and sometime ridiculous marketing tactics that go viral. These days, good marketing can create a buzz and become viral within minutes.  It doesn’t take many resources to create a good marketing campaign, however you do need to be willing to think outside of the box and take chances.

Here are some unconventional marketing campaigns that might inspire you:

Dumb Starbucks

Have you seen your Facebook wall blowing up with posts about “Dumb Starbucks?” Well, Nathan Fielder’s latest terribly great idea “Dumb Starbucks” parody actually works. According to Fielder, adding the word “Dumb” is enough to fulfill the legal requirement for a parody cover under U.S. copyright law. It was a great comedy parody and marketing tactic, though we are sad to report that the local health inspectors closed the one Dumb Starbucks anti-franchise Fielder opened in Los Angeles.  He has plans to open an additional location in Brooklyn, New York, if he can resolve the issues with the health department.

If you have not seen the ad for Dumb Starbucks, watch it here


Snickers Spelling Campaign

Another great example of unconventional marketing is the Snickers Display Campaign. The Snickers campaign used misspelled keywords in their copy. (Check out the ad below). When someone clicks on their banner ad, it takes viewers to a landing page built around the concept of hunger-typo messages. It’s hilarious and captivates the audience to engage with the brand.

viral marketing




Devil Baby

The creative team at Thinkmodo came up with a brilliant viral video campaign for the new up coming horror movie Devil’s Due. The team placed a robotic infant in a stroller throughout New York City. As pedestrians walked by, they were confronted with a crying baby in an unintended stroller. Then….well, its best that you watch the video we don’t want to spoil the fun.


No one can control what becomes viral, but a well thought out marketing campaign has the potential becoming viral in nature. If you are interested in creating a unconventional and fun marketing campaign for your company, contact us at info@marketmymarket.com Who knows? Your idea might be the next hit viral campaign.