Digital marketing is more than simply having your services posted across multiple social media platforms. Your company’s website design and content are most important if your goal is to attract and a convert “searchers” into patrons. The biggest mistake you can make when structuring a marketing campaign is ignoring the importance of content. High quality and relevant content will be what separates your business from the multiple others providing similar services. With that said, well-structured content can keep a reader engaged and further influence them to invest in your services. Consider these 3 effective storytelling styles when drafting content for your company’s website.

Three-Act Structure

The three-act structure is the most widely used storytelling structure. Its “this, then that, results in this” method is straightforward and gradually progresses readers from the beginning to the end of the story. This style of storytelling is relatively simple to execute yet highly effective.

Start off by introducing the character(s) of the story in the first act. Throughout the second act, introduce a problem the main character(s) has to face and allow tension to build. In the third and final act, present the climax by using your product or service to solve the problem. You can utilize this storytelling method in everything from your blog posts to social media posts. The story does not have to be extensive, just be sure to accurately follow the formula.

Before – After – Bridge

Also known as the roundabout method, the “Before – After – Bridge” structure is a great way to grab the reader’s attention in an instant. Using very few words you can present the problem, solution, and how to get there.

Begin by describing a problem that people in need of your product or service may face. Immediately follow the problem with a solution. This can be the idea of a utopia where this problem does not exist or the perfect tool or service that solves this problem. Then, introduce your product or service as the solution. This is a great way to hook readers in a quick social post or blog introduction, as they would like to read on to discover how your product or service solves their problem.  

Golden Circle

Simon Sinek insists that companies like Apple use the Golden Circle method to inspire people to believe in their product or services. This is done by explaining why the company exists, how the company plans to fulfill the why, and what is done to fulfill the why.

Begin with your why. This can be your mission statement that details why the company was created and what motivates the company to stay in business. Next, explain how the company plans to achieve the why. Bring it home by introducing your product or services as a tangible way of executing the why. This method is effective because it slowly reals in the reader as you lead up to the climax. This is most useful in long-form posts, such as an ‘About Us’ page, but can also be condensed and used as a social post.

Consumers are advertised to constantly. Make your content stand out by implementing these effective storytelling ideas as a part of your content strategy. Market My Market is a full-service digital marketing firm that uses elements including web design and quality content to engage browsers and boost traffic. Allow us to transform your digital presence today. Contact our team for a free consultation.