Email marketing is a tricky art to master. Since the early years of electronic mail, entities have attempted to market their services to consumers nationwide by “sliding into their DMs,” and we continue that effort today. What makes email marketing so difficult to do correctly is that most people are used to getting spam to their emails, so when they see a message from an unfamiliar source, they either trash it or move it to the spam folder. If your targeted emails aren’t getting any clicks, then this is likely what’s happening to them.

Most companies that see a failing email marketing campaign often assume that the content is to blame. This pushes them to reassess and rework the embedded material to be more palpable but they often leave the subject line untouched. The subject line of an email is the first thing people see, providing you with one opportunity to capture the fleeting attention of your consumer. No pressure. With these three quick and simple tips for drafting a catchy email subject line, you too can become an email marketing aficionado.

Keep it Short

Avoid long subject lines at all costs. Like meta information, your subject title will be ignored if it is too long, especially on mobile devices. Being that consumers open roughly 67% of all emails on their mobile devices, the shorter, the better. Marketing experts suggest that you keep your subject line to under 50 characters. If you’re having trouble truncating subject lines, think about using concise language. Avoid excessive wording or the use of extravagant terms and focus on the person. Ask yourself “How does this information benefit the reader?”

Rather than putting “How You can Win a Free Training Session” go with something more along the lines of “Enjoy an Intense Training Session On Us!” The latter is more appealing as the first word is an action verb that puts the reader in the mindset of performing an activity, and it reads more like an invitation rather than a mundane blog title.

Be Personable

Contrary to popular belief, people like conversing with other people more than they do computers. Even if you use an automated system to schedule and deliver your emails, they don’t have to come off as impersonal. Here are a few ways to make your emails more man (or woman) and less machine:

  • Avoid using ‘’: This is the easiest way to get people to swipe right past your email. Personalize your email address by using a real name in both the email address and the content itself.
  • Address them directly: Use their name, rather than speaking in general terms. You can also implement the use of words like “you” and “your.”
  • Hint to exclusivity: It is natural for people to yearn a sense of belonging. By using phrases like “From us to you” and “For our loyal customers only,” you make the recipient feel special or a part of a limited group.

Avoid Clickbait

No one likes to be lied to, whether it be face-to-face or via email. Avoid over-sensationalizing your subject line to get the reader to click. You may get them to open your email the first go-around, but once you lose a consumer’s trust, you’ll quickly find yourself on the unsubscribed list.

Instead, make them anticipate something that is actually there through the use of puns, numbers, and a sense of urgency. Puns can help let down their guard to an email from a foreign source, while numbers quantify a particular fact or idea (ex. Join over 500 others at this event). Implementing phrases like “Why wait?” and “Limited space available” can also add that sense of urgency without presenting misleading information.

Email marketing can require a bit more attention than have time for. Market My Market is here to help grow your business through the implementation of proven effective digital marketing strategies. We offer our services to those in the fitness, legal, medical and a variety of other industries. Contact us today at (800) 954-9441 for a free consultation with a digital marketing expert.