With an evolving consumer behavior, digital marketing is pushed to adopt and produce new content strategies. These changes in consumer consumption present opportunities and challenges. Sellers and companies can take the lead by servicing the needs of its clients and customers by tuning in to this change. Here are 4 upcoming trends to expect to see emerge in 2014.

Content Generation & Strategy
Understand the competition and the unique value proposition of your client. Pivot your content marketing strategies based on the marketability of the product or service. Is it a Think or Feel product? If it is a Think product, then execute by producing high volumes of information for the consumer. If it’s a feel product, deploy emotional play in the product. Does it have a high or low involvement on the consumer when the decision to buy is made? Quality or expensive products take a higher involvement than spur-of-the-moment products, which take low involvement thinking for consumers.

Determine Key Metrics
Metrics will be even more pertinent moving forward in digital marketing. However, be warned that certain metrics can mislead consumers when not used carefully. Focus on the goal of the content to develop a metric that measures appropriately.

Experiment with Content
Technology is innovative and so your content marketing should be as well. From the growth of smart TVs, wearable technology, to tablets, the opportunities are endless. Nivea recently featured a mixed print advertisement with mobile innovation. Their print ad was a solar ad charger for phones. New technology should not limit but be paired with digital marketing.

Increase Content Integration
To offset limited resources, companies can only allocate so much.  Personalized brand experiences keep conversations and costumers involvement positive; these experiences are important at drawing and retaining consumers.