Looking for a way to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors in 2014?

There may be many other products or services out there similar to yours. To stand out from competitors you have to take a unique predisposition. The lowest prices or best selection can only get you so far. There are two principles to keep in mind when positioning yourself and your client for that advantageous edge.

Ask yourself what makes your business unique?

Don’t assume based on your website and accessible general informational material. Be sure to ask this question. It might surprise you and may also help you come up with a great marketing strategy.  Be sure to share what makes you special or different with your customers.  By blogging or sharing your daily activities via Twitter you can show your customers what makes your company unique.

Here are 5 ways to stand out from your competitors.

  1. Take something tedious and transform it to ease and convenience –Warby Parker made buying eyeglasses easy by sending frames to try on at home. Sometimes we just don’t want to deal with the horrible lighting and annoying salespeople. You want customers to have a “that was easy” moment.
  2. Include a charity focus –Tom’s shoes concept is when you buy one, you give one pair of shoes to those in need. It’s a pretty basic concept. A simple collaboration with a non-profit cause delivers the same giving result. Adding that human element in your business can always help.
  3. Offer a unique warranty – Care about your customer by giving them the best warranty. Customers like quality products and honest service. If something goes array, offer a replacement or repair option.
  4. Create a worthwhile customer participation program. – Actually making customers feel as if doing business with you matters. Create a customer participation program that pays out more than just a dinky key chain.
  5. Give loyal customers an advantage – Almost every customer wants that special treatment. A small gesture like promotional codes for newsletter subscribers or options offered only to loyal customers is gratifying. You might even collect brand ambassadors along the way.