As a small business in a sea of big brands, it’s easy to feel like the underdog. Big businesses often have a larger workforce, a bigger budget, and a prominent digital presence. However, small businesses shouldn’t count themselves out just yet. With some hard work and industry tips, your small business can be right alongside those big brands and ultimately come out on top.

Connect With Your Audience

Bigger brands tend to feel dissociated from their target audience, while small businesses have the opportunity to connect with them quickly and efficiently. Using things like blogs and social media posts, your business can post, comment, and share meaningful and relevant content with its audience.

Small businesses can also respond to and engage with their audience, creating an authentic relationship with consumers that ultimately builds brand loyalty. These connections can provide valuable insights regarding your target audience, which can help you adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Build Your Reputation

As a small business owner, you should strive to attain a favorable reputation among your community. Guaranteeing customer satisfaction is just one way your business can set itself apart from your competition. Whereas customers often have to jump through hoops to get to the right department to assist them with an inquiry or problem, your small business provides accessible assistance.

Study the Competition

It may seem intimidating to do a competitor analysis on larger businesses, but doing so provides smaller companies with insights necessary to sculpt effective marketing plans. If your company uses AdWords, you can easily see what the competition is doing. With Auction Insights, you can discover the keywords and phrases competing brands are targeting in their PPC ads and compare them to your own.

Studying a competitor’s plan can also provide fresh ideas. If you see that your big business competitor advertises a service that you do better, you can create a campaign to highlight the benefits of your service.

Utilize Keywords

Focusing on the right keywords in your PPC advertising is paramount to generating success. Once you identify your competitor’s keywords and budget, you can start building your plan of attack. Unfortunately, your small business may not have the luxury of an in-house marketing team with a seemingly unlimited budget.

To make the most out of your budget, your business should identify the maximum cost-per-click it can afford. If you need help discovering the most useful keywords within your budget range, use a keyword platform. Or, if you need additional help identifying high-volume keywords, enlist the help of a digital marketing specialist.

Enhance Your Message

If you want to optimize your message to guarantee you’re getting the most out of your advertisements, A/B testing can help you tremendously. Periodically conducting A/B testing can help your business identify how to best target your audience and increase performance.

When conducting an A/B test, be sure to focus on your headline, body copy, links, and keywords. Analyze and tweak those accordingly to help you generate more site traffic with higher conversions.

Fake it Until You Become it

Regardless of your business’s size, it’s important to act with the confidence a big business has when conducting a PPC advertising campaign. Consumers perceive your business based on its web presence; exhibiting competence in online marketing is essential to attain favorable judgment. Grab the consumer’s attention with the same authority as big business and show them what you have to offer.

You may feel that your business can’t hold up next to the big-name brands you compete with, but that is not the case. Your small business provides advantages larger ones don’t, and with a little bit of confidence and elbow grease, you can be right alongside them.

Start showing the world what your business has to offer by engaging the six strategies above. You can also use the expertise of a reputable digital marketing agency to get your message heard. Market My Market has experience working with clients in various fields to optimize their digital presence better. To learn more about our services, contact us at (800) 954-9441.