For many creating quality content can be a difficult and exhausting task.  Link building can also be tedious and stressful, especially when you sometimes don’t see the short term benefit.  These two common SEO tactics are not the only ways to gain visibility in Google’s search results.

Here are 8 ways you can increase your organic search traffic in Google

  1. In-depth Articles – 6% of Google’s search results contain in-depth articles. Many articles that are usually written have an average of 300-600 words.  Try creating a in-depth and engaging article to capture some additional search traffic.
  2. Improving Site Speed – A speedy and swift site always leaves a customer happy. One of the best ways to gain visibility, is to produce a site with works at optimal speed. It is criteria that Google emphasizes in it’s rankings. Decrease TTFB (Time to First Byte) is essential, in making this happen.
  3. Mobile SEO – A good website is smartphone compatible. In fact, Google also predicates its rankings based on this concept. Websites that often create smartphone errors and are not compatible with smartphones get less views and hits, thus decreasing their ratings
  4. Expand International Audience – Expanding your website outside it’s national boundaries literally opens up a world of opportunity for you. Simple revisions such as making your site fluent in several languages can exponentially multiply users.
  5. Social Annotations with Google+ – When you share content with Google+, it is always seen by your network on Google. Alas, when you share good content on Google, it pays dividends and your rating and visibility will increase.
  6. Update Fresh Content – Revising and updating content is another way to maintain prevalence with queries in Google. Google takes in to consideration the time of inception, how often you update content and how thoroughly you make updates. This type of practice can help gain visibility by displaying pertinence.
  7. Ongoing Page SEO – This is instrumental. Making sure you are using the right keywords and optimizing the right images is paramount. The virility of your site today is not guaranteed tomorrow. The only way to guarantee this, is committing toward frequently utilizing SEO.
  8. Video Optimization – This ties in with the concept of ongoing page SEO. Optimizing videos can yield results comparable to that of image optimization. Only videos can be even more stimulating to viewers and thus users may refer others to view your videos as a result. Your video can be the next sensation for YouTube and that will create gridlock traffic.

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