A digital marketing problem that plagues many lawyers is when a potential client finds their website, only for that person to leave without being converted. Your law firm’s website is great, it portrays your legal experience and is set up professionally, but the customer just wasn’t ready to commit to anything yet. Are they gone forever? Not exactly, it’s not as if someone was visiting just because they were bored. They had a need, and that need will stick with them. The real challenge is getting your name sticking with them. You can bet that this same visitor will go to your competitors’ websites as well, mulling over who will be the best fit.

This is where you can make a difference with remarketing. Remarketing, which is also known as retargeting, is a type of digital marketing that tracks possible clients who visited your website. With that tracking information, the remarketing campaign will deliver online ads about your legal services to that person over a period of time. While remarketing ads can come from several different platforms, those from the Google Display Network are the most popular.

Showing off Your Brand

The point of remarketing isn’t to get someone to click back right away. Rather, it’s to get your name to stick with that person when they are ready to make the final purchasing decision. This kind of exposure is cumulative, and helps return visits to your website, providing you another opportunity to convert that person into a client for your law firm.

Targeted Digital Advertising

Your typical advertising reaching an audience that doesn’t need your legal services isn’t the best place to be in. Remarketing allows you to serve your law firm’s advertising to someone that you know needs it, and some legal remarketing campaigns allow the option to be customized depending on how a prospective client behaved on your website (such as what pages they viewed).

Remarketing Current and Former Clients

Remarketing campaigns for lawyers isn’t restricted to just new clients. They can be effective for past or current clients as well. For example, maybe a past client who had a problem with a car accident may now need help for a family case. If your legal practice covers those fields, why shouldn’t your name be on that client’s mind? Remarketing ads are an effective way of keeping your name fresh in the minds of interested clients, but it is important to note that those same clients need to be able to find your law firm – or your law firm’s website – in order for remarketing to start tracking. To learn how remarketing and other marketing campaigns can be a good fit your practice, contact us at Market My Market.