Small businesses have a wide range of mediums to advertise within.  Let’s look at some outlets a typical law firm would choose to market themselves in:

  • Directories like Dex and AT&T
  • Pay Per Click
  • Press Releases
  • Local County BAR associations
  • Newsletters
  • Mailouts
  • Microsites
  • Referrals from Existing Clients and other Attorneys
  • Pay Per Lead Services
  • Local Newsletters and News Websites
  • Much much more

You may have different means of marketing yourself as just a website or a newspaper ad.  So how do you track how a potential client that contacted you besides asking them?  And why do you even care?  Let’s discuss.

Why Call-Tracking is So Important

First, let’s establish this:  You want to track EVERYTHING.  And tracking everything doesn’t have to be tedious.  You can’t rely on a client saying “I found you on Google” especially if you have more than one outlet online.  The guesswork in tracking has to be completely eliminated.  As for contact forms, the URLs are going to be attached to the forms so you’ll always know where those leads came from.  Phone tracking should be your main concern.  Phone number tracking is also excellent for cross referencing third parties you advertise with to confirm that the reporting they provide you is not only accurate, but ethical.

ROI, or Return on Investment, is the next reason to track calls, or track lead-to-conversion in general.  Let’s say you advertise with company A, company B, and company C and you assign a phone number to each of them.  You can keep track of the leads from each, which ones turned into conversions, and eventually be able to figure out the ROIs for each.  This leads to you either investing more in A, or reducing spend or completely eliminating B (sorry B).

How to Setup Call-Tracking

So of course, the next question is “how do you set up call tracking?  is it expensive?”.  The answer is, it isn’t too difficult and it is relatively inexpensive. We use CallRail. They make all the processes of implementing call-tracking very simple to understand and provide great guides on different topics related to their services, which is always great to have on hand. Here you can not only purchase the number, but get all the reporting you need (and set up notifications via SMS and email).  Phone numbers can be local using an area code, more broad with 1-800s and 1-877s, and vanity numbers (like 1800-245-CARS).  Are there many other call tracking companies? Absolutely, but we have been using CallRail for all of our clients and have enjoyed the results we have gotten since we started using it.

Time For You to Setup Call-Tracking On Your Website

Think your company could use some solid call tracking? Call or e-mail us with any questions. Setting up call tracking is vital when you have campaigns where you’re spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars monthly to advertise.  If you don’t know if it is actually working, what’s the point?