It comes as no surprise that mobile viewing has overtook traditional desktop browsing as cell phones and tablets have been rapidly innovated to operate more and more like mini computers. The everyday consumer may not realize it, but companies had to shift with this growing technology and implement mobile-friendly websites. One may believe that it should be easier to create an effective mobile page as it isn’t as complex as a desktop view. In all actuality, it is more difficult as one must organize content to fit on a drastically smaller screen. While the obstacles are clear, there a few things to keep in mind when creating an effective mobile page for your law firm.

Create an Efficient Layout

You may want to stuff all of the information from your desktop view to your mobile page, but it is important not to overdo it. You must prioritize what is most important and bring that to the forefront of your mobile page. This will guide visitors to the tabs that you have presented to them first, thus increasing traffic to the specified page.

Another efficient way for you to include all of the information from your desktop view is to simply shorten it. This means that you can take a link or a heading that may be wordy and shorten it to focus on the keywords or a symbol. An example of this if you have a phone number typed out on your website, you can replace it with the image of cell phone and make it so that it dials the number when tapped.

That is one of a few ways to condense desktop information for mobile viewing. Another way to do so is by creating a different view for when the phone is in landscape mode. This page view can be one that resembles one of a tablet.

Design for Touch

When a reader is browsing your site from the mobile view, they do not have the ability to hover over or right click so it is vital that your mobile page accommodates the browser. Here are a few tips:

Allow Necessary Space

Make sure that links are properly spaced so that browsers don’t find themselves tapping on  multiple links simultaneously.

Provide Visual Feedback

Browsers are more likely to experience slower connection from a wireless source than a wired source like a desktop. With that said, provide them with a way to know that their screen tap was recognized by having the link indent or change colors when pressed.

Redesign Drop-Down Menus

Menus on the desktop view may take up a small corner, but they can take up the entire screen in a mobile view. Design it in a way that allows the browser to access the same links without them having to swipe continuously to reach the bottom of the list.

These quick tips can help you during the design process for you law firm’s mobile site. For further assistance in improving your law firm’s digital marketing strategy, contact an online marketing coordinator expert at Market My Market today.