In this new era of competitive services on the internet, there are countless ways to optimize your ranking with Google; we give you the best tips available.

As we are well into the new era of information where the Internet reigns supreme, every single year we find new ways in which our businesses can grow with the help of digital marketing and Internet search engines. While there are a few to choose from, there is very little doubt that Google is most popular and every single business is looking to get to the top of their search results.

It’s proven that any business that reaches the top 5 get in that 70% of the overall traffic for that search. It doesn’t matter if you have a nail salon, a barber shop, or a law firm. These rules apply for any type of business.

In order to help you understand what you can do to get your law firm to the top of the rankings in Google, we have provided you with a few tips.

1 – Study your Competition

Go to the top of the rankings and see the things your direct competition is doing, the things they aren’t doing. That’s a perfect way in which you can improve your own business. Watch how they tend to their clients and the type of marketing they are using. Every single tactic can work for your law firm. Another great way to attract clients is to show them examples of your successful work, that way you can build trust between them and your business.

2 – Learn to use the right keywords

This is where you will have to use your imagination and marketing skills; you have to put yourself in the shoes of every client. Think about the terms or words they might use in the search engine, use them wisely and don’t overuse them in your website’s content. This is very important because Google keeps changing the SEO rules every other month, you also need to be up to speed on the rulebook, so you stay on point and don’t get banned by Google.

3- Pay attention to detail

Even if we are talking about a law firm, new studies from 2017 have shown that people don’t really have short attention spans. All they need to get is the precise information presented to them in the most interactive way possible. This is why you need to take full advantage of your title description, the use of imagery, videos, or more material that will engage your audience. You need to be very careful with the way you go about this, clients do get easily scared off if they don’t like a single detail in your sales pitch.

4 – Find writers to create the best content

In every single website that sells a service or a product, having the best content possible is key. Original content created by professionals who know how to communicate with your clients is key to hook them into buying your service, remember you are not talking to people from your niche, but people who are looking to hire a lawyer. If you aren’t able to put the content into words, there are many businesses that specialize in content generation for different types of clients. If you nail this aspect of content creation, you will instantly see results.

For further information on how you can outrank competing law firms, contact Market My Market and allow us to assist in the digital marketing process for your law firm.