You may not realize it but your law firm website may be making common mistakes that could be driving away potential clients and hurting your business. To continue growing your firm you will want to avoid these mistakes. You want your website to be easily found on search engines, attract new clients, and be easily navigable. Apply these principles to your website by avoiding these common mistakes:

Not Keeping Your Audience in Mind

Many firms will fill their law firm’s website content with their in-depth and vast knowledge of the law. They may feel that this will be appealing it will show potential clients that they are knowledgeable and in good hands. However, it does the opposite of appealing to clients; it drives them away. Remember you are creating your content for clients not for other attorneys. Create content that will be understood by the average person who did not go to law school. If you’re not sure whether your content is easily readable, have someone you know who’s not part of the legal field read it to get a better idea if it will be understood by potential clients. In addition, whenever you use a legal term, be sure to provide a simple definition so your audience will understand it. The last thing you will want is a potential client finding your website too difficult to understand and then finding what they need on another firm’s site.

Poor Web Design

Your website could provide excellent content, but if it is difficult to navigate, then your content won’t even be read. Your website site should be easy to navigate and well organized. Make sure your website does not look outdated. Don’t use a free or cheap template for your law firm’s website design either, all this will do is make your website look like every other law firm site. Invest in hiring a proper web design company that will build a website for you. By doing this your website will be custom built, can look up to date, and attract more clients instead of chasing them away.

Not Being Mobile Friendly

A few years ago it may have been acceptable to not have a mobile-friendly website, but that is no longer the case. With the rise of smartphones, people can connect to the internet in the span of a few seconds. You are likely to gain clients because of mobile devices as well. Imagine when someone is involved in an accident, they can immediately search for a lawyer on their phone. If your website is not mobile-friendly the potential client probably will exit out of your website and find another firm.

Poor SEO

You could have a mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate, but if your website is not easily found on search engines very few people will probably ever see it because they won’t be able to find it. Using search engine optimization can help your website appear on the first page of a search engine. By appearing on the first page, you are likely to have increased traffic to your website and the opportunity to gain more clients.

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